Thursday, May 14, 2015

Northern California League Final Results

Central Coast Section
PAL Results (New)

WCAL Results
Elena Bruckner Valley Christian SJ Discus 182'8" NEW CCS Record/Previous mark 165'10"
Darius Thomas St. Francis High Jump 7'0" 4th CCS athlete to jump over 7' in HJ.

MTAL Results

WBAL Live Results

SCVAL Results

BVAL Results

North Coast Section
BCL Results (New)

TCAL Results (New)

CMC Girls Results (New)
CMC Boys Results (New)

SCL Boys Results (New)
SCL Girls Results (New)

WACC Results (New)
Videos from WACC meet thanks to Rob Mackey

MCAL Results (New)

DVAL Results

DFAL Full Results

MVAL Results

EBAL Results

NBL Varsity Boys Results
NBL Varsity Girls Results

HDN Results (New)

Sac-Joaquin Section
Modesto Metro Conference Championship Results

Also, thanks to David Unterholzner, the SJS league final meets are indexed at the following divisional links:

California State Junior College Meet Results (New)

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Anonymous said...

EBAL Championships starting today with Frosh/Soph trials, varsity trials Thursday and finals Saturday:

Anonymous said...

Full DFAL results not showing up yet?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The MCAL (Ford Timing) results are from Thursday, and does not include today's finals.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Some league results don't seem to mean much, the fastest WACC 3200 was ~10:13.

Albert Caruana said...

I think the weather (cold and windy in some cases) lead to some slower times. Also, with certain top places automatically qualifying, there is no reason for some athletes to throw down quality efforts at their league final with the much tougher races looming ahead.

Andrew said...

was at WACC, the 3200 first mile was around 5:30.

Pissed off parent said...

WCAL is the strongest league gets two spots. Everyone else gets 6 or 8? In track how hard is it to get the fastest qualifying on?

Albert Caruana said...

No question that the qualifying procedure from league to CCS is something that has been argued over for many years. Unfortunately, when the North and South meets were eliminated, that made making CCS very difficult especially in leagues like the WCAL. The places that automatically qualify from each league are based solely on the sizes of schools which doesn't seem fair for smaller leagues with high quality participants.

The coaches are the ones that need to initiate proposals that could fix the current format. Until somebody really makes a strong push for a change, we will be stuck with the current format.

Anonymous said...

Why even have an auto-qualifying time? At least in the distance races, NOBODY across all the leagues benefited from the auto-qual time. Those that ran under the time qualified based on place to CCS

Anonymous said...

In the girls 1600 final at the SCCAL league, there were three girls who qualified with the auto time to CCS (after the top 2 finishers). SCCAL is another league that only gets two qualifiers to CCS.

Anonymous said...

In the boys 800, a 1:58.7, the 7th fastest time in CCS doesn’t make CCS.
In the boys 1600, 4:23.3 and 4:23.5, the 9th and 10th fastest times in CCS don’t make the meet.
In the boys 3200, six times under 9:45 -- the 14th, 17th , 19th, 21st and 22nd fastest times in CCS don’t make the meet.

CCS should do away with mis-proportional automatic qualifiers and move to a straight “top 2 qualify per school plus the next fastest 16.” That ensures all districts get at least 2, the largest districts likely more.

For example, in the 800, BVAL would get 6 (instead of 8), MBL 2 (instead of 5), WCAL 5 (instead of 2) and the other leagues their same amount.

In the 1600, BVAL would qualify 2 (instead of 8), MBL 2 (instead of 5), MTAL (+4), PAL 4 (instead of 5), SCCAL 6 (up from 2), SCVAL 5 (from 6), WBAL 2 and WCAL 5 (up from 2).

In the 3200, BVAL would qualify 7 (down from 8), MBL 2 (down from 5), MTAL 2, PAL 2 (down from 5), SCCAL 2, SCVAL 8 (up from 6), WBAL 2 and WCAL 7 (up from 2).

This would ensure everyone runs hard at league finals, and avoid as Albert says “there is no reason for some athletes to throw down quality efforts at their league final with the much tougher races looming ahead.”

Anonymous said...

There needs to be a qualifying system that is fair. A fair thing would be to make the qualifying equal to the 24th ranked time the previous 4 years. That's three heats. Or 32 for 4 heats. Whatever it is, you hit the time you are in. So what if you have 20 schools in your league or have an extra heat at trials. Also, you should be able to qualify at your league meet, trials or finals. This way you get two meets to hit the time at the end of the year. It's time for a change. Could you imagine? 3rd place is in that league and could be 3rd in CCS but doesn't get to go? Does anyone have a reasonable argument against a straight time qualifier? I say league champs and hit a time to go to CCS. This is an individual sport. Best marks should go!

Anonymous said...

Also note, the WCAL has a frosh soph division that should get CCS qualifiers. A girl runs 5:11/11:26 in jv. A 5-0 high jump girl jv. A 16-9 lj jv girl. A 4:22 frosh mile. 2 guys under 2 in 800. A 9:40 2 mile in frosh soph boys. Let's have any kid that hits the time get to go. League races are tactical. Also could you imagine throwing against VC girls? 3rd would win almost every league but doesn't make CCS.

Anonymous said...

Those in power voted to make it the 8th qualifier instead of the "last qualifier" (12th in distances). They are making it harder to make CCS.

Those voting I doubt read this and have an idea of how people really feel.

Anonymous said...

WCAL and WBAL get same number of qualifiers? Doesn't that say enough? Complain all the time but no change. Duals mean nothing, in season results mean nothing and same old archaic qualifying continues.

Anonymous said...

How does qualification for NCS from league work exactly? Is it top six per event for every league? I know BVAL (Bay Valley) does this and was curious as to if this is the way it works in every other league.

Albert Caruana said...

The qualifying from league to the four NCS meets next weekend vary but you can check out the automatic qualifiers as well as the at-large times at We used to be in NCS and the NCS Class A meet was an awesome meet for us smaller schools. The same goes for the other 3 area meets. From there, the top 7 automatically qualify to the NCS MOC as well as the top 3 from the Class A Meet.

It's very fair and really adds to those four section meets with team awards given out at each meet.

The qualifying standards for CCS are just way too rigid in most sports and really limits the numbers who get to compete. The only way changes will be made is if coaches speak up and get their league behind bylaw changes.

Andrew said...

Here are the details on how many qualifiers each NCS league gets to their respective area meet:

Class A (Branson and Berean Christian get special exceptions as their athletes must place in top 4 at league to move on to the Class A meet):

BCL - 6
Coastal Mountain - 8
Humboldt-Del Norte - 4

Redwood Empire (Lower Lake athletes must place in top 4 to advance):

HDN - 6
MCAL - 6
NBL - 6
SCL - 6

Bay Shore:

MVAL - 6
TCAL - 9
WACC - 9


BVAL - 6
DFAL - 6
DVAL - 6
EBAL - 6

Anonymous said...

League races might be a little more competitive if a large pecentage of top athletes weren't poached away from their home schools for athletic reasons. Top BVAL guy runs a lot faster if FS WCAL 4:23 is still in the race. I've heard the Bellarmine kids know the FS deal when they get there. We all have our choices to make. Don't worry though, the kid who finished 2nd to him in 8th grade has run a very fine 4:29 and decided he'd take one of those 8 BVAL spots.

Anonymous said...

So you're saying because they are private the deserve less qualifying spots?

Anonymous said...

Qualifying spots are based on population size of leagues. If kids aren't being recruited for athletic reasons, then what's the problem. I'm saying we shouldnt change the system to promote more of this behavior. We all know it's going on. Accept more schools and kids in WCAL and you'll get more spots. Sound fair to me.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Like anyone wants to enter the WCAL. They don't even want to compete against them at CCS you think they want to join a league. So your argument is slower kids should advance to CCS because they are not private?

Anonymous said...

My argument is Ha Ha. You guys cry about this every year. The world is unfair. Sometimes you got the votes sometimes you don't. That's my argument. Slower kids who stay at home and aren't recruited to go to private schools for purely athletic reasons should move on. The system isn't set up to take care of the few. Tough luck. Most of them know the deal going in. Isn't that why the put you all in your own league anyway? Good thing is colleges don't really care where you run your times. CCS or WCAL. We all have choices to make. If you want to cut you teeth as a freshman against the likes of Steven Sum, and Jose PiƱa, you'd better stay at home, or you'd better be able to run that auto qualifier. The best will be at the meet.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everyone thinks this is a WCAL argument – tell that to the kid from Pacific Collegiate who ran 4:23.3 in the 1600 and isn’t going to CCS. Tell that to the 2 other kids from King City, making it 4 from that school who should be going to CCS in the 1600. Tell that to the kids from Santa Cruz and Scotts Valley who ran 4:27 and aren’t going to CCS. Tell that to the kids who “stayed at home” at Lynbrook and Homestead and ran under 9:45 in the 3200 and aren’t going.

It’s incorrect to state “the best will be at the meet” when you leave someone out who’s ranked in the top 16, and that does a disservice to all who are interested in competition.

Anonymous said...

So it is time for a change and league reps to get behind this. How many heats do the want at trials? 4? Top 32?
Have a time qualifier equal to the average 24th fastest time. Take league champions fill the next.
And no one is getting recruited give me a break. This is not about economics, it's about being fast. And what about the Piedmont Hills that moves from school to school. Is that any better?
Seems like public schools are more affected than WCAL. All I can say is speak up at the evaluation meeting.

Anonymous said...

Im sure the BVAL, SCVAL and PAL reps are on board. Kids need to stop moving for athletic reasons. Plain and simple. Private schools allow a disproportionate amount of talented athletes to pass their acceptance recruitment farce. Everyone's opinion of "in my kids best interest" seems to trump all rules of fair competition. Did you know there's a gal at St. Lucy's in Cambell in 8th grade who runs in the Low 5:20's. Guess where she'll be next year? That's right.... Aptos. I wonder if she even knows they have a team? I hope somebody told her she won't be at CCS for a while. Stop moving for purely athletic reasons. It's suppose to be against the rule, and I think it should be investigated more. It's a way worse cancer on our H.S. sports. Times will very from league to league. Some races are tactical, some have wind. How will you account for this? You can't.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
WCAL and WBAL get same number of qualifiers? Doesn't that say enough? Complain all the time but no change. Duals mean nothing, in season results mean nothing and same old archaic qualifying continues.

5:01 PM

How many medals did WCAL win at the state meet last year. WBAL won 3. Doesn't that say enough?

Anonymous said...

Wow! looks like another great day for Cooper Teare!

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