Friday, May 08, 2015

Cal's Thomas Joyce Thrives Thanks to Elite Closing Speed


Nils said...

Maybe we've heard enough about "Cal is where good runners go to die" now?

Andrew said...

To get rid of that stigma, I think it would be good to see more than 1 runner a year develop. It always seems like we have one elite distance runner (Coe, Maier, Santisteban, Knights, Joyce, Walden), but can never put 5 together for XC. I would love to see it happen. I think it has improved, so they are definitely starting to shed the label (Hamilton, Newton, Walden, Lewis, Later, this incoming girls class). Just need to see more.

Anyways, go Bears!

Anonymous said...

History, speaks for it's self

Anonymous said...

Andrew what are your PRs? Im sure everyone on the Cal team can run faster than you

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