Wednesday, December 10, 2014

North Coast Section Cross Country Post-Season Notes

Couple of notable points from last night's meeting:

With Hayward taking on renovations next year, there is a chance that the Hayward HS course could be altered. The plan for now is to use Hayward HS but that is not set in stone.

The CBEDs for next year are almost complete although there are still schools with missing data. At this point, the following schools will be in a new division next fall.

Division I-College Park, Dublin and Santa Rosa all moved up from Division II.
Division II-Concord up from Division III.
Division III-Piner and San Rafael both up from Division IV.
Division IV-St. Helena up from Division V.


Andrew said...

Wow, D1 just moved to 20+ teams. And it just got 3 super competitive, good programs on both sides.

Any discussion at the meeting on where an NCS replacement course would be? I know there has been a lot of discussion on this site before.

Anonymous said...

I thought NCS was larger than CCS. Why are there fewer schools?

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