Monday, December 15, 2014

National: A Cross Country Story

Check out former Bishop O'Dowd runner, Karsten Kaufmann's documentary.
"National: A Cross Country Story" depicts Tommy McGuan and several other members of the Chico State Cross Country team driving 2500 miles across the United States in a matter of days to watch their fellow teammates compete at the NCAA Division II National Championships In Louisville, Kentucky. This film captures the candid vignettes from countless hours spent on the road, stops along the way, as well as insightful interviews from current team members, as well as alumni, reflecting on their past trips stories and experiences. The film also depicts the races themselves.

National: A Cross Country Story from Karsten Kaufmann on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

That is why collegiate cross country is unlike any other collegiate sport, why every high school runner who wants to run in college should, and if Gary Towne is coaching in 10 years, I will advice my child to give him a call, or text or whatever means of communication exists in another decade.

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