Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Pre-Season NorCal Rankings (Teams)

Overall #1 teams in Northern California
Boys:  De La Salle HS (NCS) Division I
Girls:  St. Francis, Sacramento (SJS) Division I

Northern Section
Boys:  Yreka HS Division IV
Girls:  West Valley HS Division Division IV

Sac-Joaquin Section
Boys:  Davis HS Division I
Girls:  St. Francis, Sacramento Division I

North Coast Section
Boys:  De La Salle HS Division I
Girls:  Granada HS Division I

Central Coast Section
Boys:  Bellarmine HS Division I
Girls:  Aptos HS Division III

San Francisco Section
Boys:  Lowell HS Division I
Girls:  Lowell HS Division I

Oakland Section
Boys:  Oakland Tech HS Division I
Girls:  Oakland Tech HS Division I

Individuals will be up next...


Anonymous said...

Any one know why SI remains a CCS school? Aren't they 5 miles north of Lowell in the city?

Albert Caruana said...

Can you imagine SI in the SF Section? Who would be able to compete with them and field the same amount of teams?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

SJND top team in NCS.

Anonymous said...

SI is about 2 miles north of Lowell and a mile west of Lincoln. Why does SF even have their own section? Oakland and LA also???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:46pm

It could happen. DLS put down a 16:10 average at state meet last year without Hurlock. SJND did a 16:28. The averages will both come down this year, maybe by that much; guess we will have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

There has been a big long explanation here from Peter Brewer (I think) on the history of the sections and why they remain.

SHC, Riordan, University, all great schools in the city that can compete with SI. I also feel sections should be strictly demographic. But it is how it is.

Anonymous said...

DLS with Hurlock should be one of the best teams in the state this year

Anonymous said...

Yes, they will be great, but the SJND boys may be pretty amazing as well.!division-ii-boys-rankings/cecj

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