Sunday, August 11, 2013

2013 North Coast Section Pre-Season Top 10 Rankings (Teams)

1)  De La Salle HS Division I
2)  St. Joe's Notre Dame HS Division V
3)  Bishop O'Dowd HS Division III
4)  Maria Carrillo HS Division II
5)  Amador Valley HS Division I
6)  San Ramon Valley HS Division I
7)  Livermore HS Division II
8)  Campolindo HS Division III
9)  College Park HS Division II
10)  Dublin HS Division II
Also considered:  Miramonte HS (Div. III), Marin Academy (Div. V), Santa Rosa HS (Div. II) and St. Mary's Berkeley (Division IV)

1)  Campolindo HS Division III
2)  Granada HS Division I
3)  Monte Vista HS Division I
4)  Las Lomas HS Division III
5)  Arcata HS Division IV
6)  Maria Carrillo HS Division II
7)  Bishop O'Dowd HS Division III
8)  Branson HS Division V
9)  Amador Valley HS Division I
10)  San Ramon Valley HS Division I
Also considered:  Lick Wilmerding HS (Div. V),St. Mary's Berkeley (Div. IV) and University HS (Div. V).

Feel free to comment on the above rankings.  This is very preliminary and many teams are very close at this point.




Anonymous said...

DII boys looks like it will a tough one. You have 5 teams up here, and that doesn't even include Alameda and Casa Grande who made the previous list of 5 DII teams you posted.

Albert Caruana said...

Division II is definitely much improved and could potentially be the deepest division this year in NCS. You add Santa Rosa from Division I along with Maria Carrillo, Alameda, Livermore, College Park, Casa Grande and an up and coming Dublin team.

Anonymous said...

the real question is will Goltra, Huxham, or Hurlock break 15 minutes...Joyce is the only one to do so in a long time. i think he's the only one since Olson

Anonymous said...

Campolindo is HUGELY overrated, especially for the boys. YES, they do return Goltra, but they LOSE Hathaway, Sun, Fong, someone else whose name I can't remember (transferred from De la Salle ) etc.

Albert Caruana said...

I think a lot of the teams in the top 10 as well as the other teams I listed are very interchangeable. It's very hard to rank teams now so I based my ranking on how they did last year at NCS and state (if applicable) and how well they did during the Track and Field season.

Campolindo returns Goltra (defending section and state champion), Will Moran (9:55.51), Walter Brennan (4:42.06) and Ben Weinberg (9:53.57) plus their FS boys won the DFAL. Last year's 4th place finish at NCS was their lowest finish in Division III (arguably the most competitive division) since 2006 when they finished 3rd.

Here is their order of finish since 2002:
2012-4th Place
2011-1st Place
2010-2nd Place
2009-2nd Place
2008-1st Place
2007-1st Place
2006-3rd Place
2005-1st Place
2004-1st Place
2003-1st Place
2002-2nd Place

Anonymous said...

Just wondering but why Bishop O'Dowd is ranked as high as they are

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