Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Question of the day?

What invitational are you most looking forward to this season?


Anonymous said...

9/29 Stanford Invitational - Top talent from around the state

10/13 Crystal Springs Invitational - Top talent from the section. Last year's race was so bloody fast, many season bests were set in that race.

Ruben DiRado,Maria Carrillo Coach said...

For our JVs, we really enjoy Ed Sias and Crystal Springs - each meet has it's own unique character. Ed Sias has a great high energy vibe - it exposed new athletes to the fun that VX can be. CS has that great historic course and vistas, and it allows us to race against some different faces from CCS.

For Varsity, Stanford is a great test to see how we match up against some of the top teams, and it's fun to watch the college races.

Anonymous said...

Stanford, Roughrider/Clovis

Definitely looking forward to the section/state meets this year

pmccrystle said...

Earlybird: Gus Ibarra does a great jo making the runners feel like XC is a big deal, and Earlybird means the season is finally here!

Stanford: a chance to see so many great teams from the West and beyond

Crystal Springs: Historic course and fast races, and this year Central Catholic from Portland Oregon will be gunning for an all-time list team time!

hank said...

^ Well then, I might just have to come out and watch that one - where's my camera...


Marty Beene said...

I really like all of the invitationals we do from year to year (Lowell, Ram, Artichoke,...). This year, I'm looking forward to going to the Roughrider. It's always fun to do an away meet, and I like being on the State Meet course. It is also fun to go to a meet that you haven't gone to before.

Anonymous said...

Among several, I like the vibe of the Artichoke in HMB. From the super steep Cougar Hill to the somewhat unique "gaunlet" which features three rows of haybales to hurdle, twice. The Artichoke is competitive but not intense. German Fernandez of Riverbank set the course record in 2007.

DAVID FRANK (Coach, Central Catholic, Portland) said...

We're really looking forward to Crystal Springs this year.

I loved that course as an athlete and as a coach at St. Francis; my team loved it when we came down in 2010.

We know that, among others, Carlmont and Bellarmine will certainly test us greatly, and we're excited about the challenge!

Anonymous said...

im excited from crystal spring and stanford. Stanford for obvious reasons and crystal springs because there are multiple teams in the CCS that will be trying for victory and records.

Peter Brewer said...

The Iolani Invite should be a fun trip.

The Monte Vista Invite is an excellent time trial course.

Ed Sias is a bit intense early on, but it's real close and I get a good look at the D-III competition.

The Viking Opener is a perennial team favorite, with great competition. I like the 3 person scoring, which lets the small schools go toe-to-toe with the biggies.

Artichoke is an experience with a race involved. Classic.

The Castro Valley Invite is a tough course that definitely challenges the runners.

Mt. SAC -- it's the SAT of high school courses . . . do well and everyone notices.

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