Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012 Olympic Track and Field

Now that the Olympics are almost over, a few TF questions.
1)  Best performance by an individual?
2)  Best performance by a team?
3)  Most exciting moment?
4)  Biggest surprise?
5)  Biggest upset?
6)  Gutsiest effort?
7)  Biggest letdown?
8)  Best performance by a first time Olympian?
9)  Best non-medal winning performance?
10)  Anything else?


Bob Costas said...

1) Best performance by an individual?- David Rudisha 800
2) Best performance by a team?-4x100 USA Womens

3) Most exciting moment?
Mo Farah and Galen Rupp 1,2 in the 10k
4) Biggest surprise?
Manzano 2nd in the 1500 maybe.
5) Biggest upset?
maybe Mahkloufi in the 1500
6) Gutsiest effort?
dude who broke his leg in the 4x4.
7) Biggest letdown?
i was pretty let down when Pistorious didn't get to run in the 4x4 because his teammate fell and didn't finish.
8) Best performance by a first time Olympian?
Yohan Blake
9) Best non-medal winning performance?
Oscar Pistorious
10) Anything else?
Kembois dance after winning the steeple is pretty remarkable

Anonymous said...

1- best individual performance
Mo Farah 5k and 10k gold

2- best team performance
United States womens 4x100

3- most exciting moment
800 WR by Rudisha and 7 out of 8 in the field setting PRs.

4- biggest surprise
Manzano 2nd in the 1500m

5- biggest upset-
Bahamas win over the United States in the mens 4x400

6- gutsiest effort-
Meb Keflezighi in the marathon, moved from 19th at 18k to 4th place finish

7- biggest letdown
Ryan Hall dnf or Morgan Uceny's childish behavior

8- best performance by first time Olympian
Kirani James 43.94 at 19 years old (also fastest ever by a non American)

9- best non-medal winning performance
Duane Solomon Jr. 800m 1:42.82 4th place

10- anything else?
Usain Bolt legend status

Anonymous said...

What happened to Ryan Hall in the marathon? The results said DNF.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Hall pulled out with a hamstring issue around mile 10.

ncs miler said...

1) Best performance by an individual?
David Rudisha 800 no question
2) Best performance by a team?
4x100 usa women was awesome
3) Most exciting moment?
Rupp's silver 10k
4) Biggest surprise?
manzano silver 1500
5) Biggest upset?
bahamas>US 4x4
6) Gutsiest effort?
symmonds hanging in the very very back until 200 to go in the 800
7) Biggest letdown?
americans in the 5K, lagat should have medalled and rupp should have done better
8) Best performance by a first time Olympian?
yohan blake's double silver
9) Best non-medal winning performance?
centrowitz 1500. kid did everything he could and got robbed of a medal by that drug cheat makloofy
10) Anything else?
obviously bolt, incredible 800 field, richards ross finally winning 400 gold, and mo farah having the best week of his life

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