Thursday, August 16, 2012

2012 Northern Section Pre-Season Cross Country Rankings

From a Northern Section coach:
Below are my rankings for the Northern Section Cross Country season based on returning runners from last year's section cross country finals and track finals.

Boys Teams:
1.  Chico (top 5 return from overall second place team)
2.  Yreka (still have a good group coming up off State D4 champ team)
3.  Shasta
4.  Central Valley
5.  Enterprise

Boys Individuals:
1.  John Whelan (Etna) returning section overall champion
2.  Chris Midkiff (Chico)
3.  Clayton Bunn (Yreka)
4.  Blake Zufall (Shasta)
5.  Niami Buroz (Chico)

Girls Teams:
1.  West Valley (return top 3 runners in the section)
2.  Enterprise (top 5 return from 3rd place team in '11.  15 second spread at sections last year)
3.  University Prep
4.  Chico (defending champion, but graduated 3 of 5)
5.  Pleasant Valley

Girls Individuals:
1.  Hannah Dorman (West Valley) 2nd place in '11 XC.  Section 3200 champion '12
2.  Jenna Storms (West Valley)  3rd place in '11 XC.  1600 runner-up/3200 3rd place
3.  Megan James (West Valley - transferred from Shasta)  4th place in '11 XC
4.  Melanie Hickman (Pleasant Valley)  5th place in '11 XC
5.  Helen Mino Faulkner (University Prep)


NCSfanboy said...

Not much NS love on this site :/

Albert Caruana said...

Just a matter of getting the word out about this site. I will keep posting what I can in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

The Sacramento Valley don't get no respect! Why, someone spelled "Folsom" as "Folsum"! Who'd a thunk it!

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