Monday, August 20, 2012

MileSplit’s Preseason Top 25 National XC Rankings, 2012; Girls Individuals (for complete list)

2.  Sarah Baxter, 11, Simi Valley HS, Simi Valley, CA
8.  Karlie Garcia, 12, Oakmont HS, Roseville, CA
11.  Hagen Reedy, 12, Buchanan HS, Clovis, CA
18.  Anna Maxwell, 11, San Lorenzo Valley HS, Felton, CA
21.  Nikki Hiltz, 12, Aptos HS, Aptos, CA


Anonymous said...

Why is Anna Maxwell ahead of Nikki Hiltz?

Anonymous said...

Most Likely the 2 Mile and She had the Biggest Improvement in Track Vs Nicki by comparing Stats from 2011 and 2012 in 800m,1600m and 3200m! But regardles it's still going to come downto racing!

Anonymous said...

Madeleine Ankhelyi? Often overlooked.

Marty Beene said...

Re: the question of why one runner might be ranked ahead of another, I would keep in mind that running performances by teenagers can be highly variable, even for these superstars, and not even accounting for differing conditions for whatever races on which they are based. I would read any rankings like this to mean that whatever a runner's ranking, it is about equivalent to five or ten spots up or down.

Albert Caruana said...

Agreed with all the comments. It's also possible that the ranker looked at 3200 times more than anything else and since Nikki rarely (if ever) runs the 3200, Anna was placed ahead of her.

Madeleine Ankhelyi, definitely always overlooked.

Also, most of the top runners do trade victories over each other which makes ranking them at the end of the year so difficult.

Anonymous said...

Nikki beat Anna all through cross country season last year and I would be surprised if she doesn't do it again. GO HILTZ!

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