Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stanford Invitational Results...

NorCal breakdown coming up tomorrow as well as newspaper coverage.  Keep in mind that the weather warmed up significantly for the later races.  You can compare times from all the races but the first few races had a significant advantage over the later races.

What was the most impressive performance today by a NorCal athlete and/or team?  

Photos from the Stanford Invitational can be found here in the next day or two:


Anonymous said...

Surprised at Nacouzi time... with the amount of miles she puts in, I expected much better performance.

MV Moose said...

Bellarmine with a 27 second spread. Wow!

Mountain View girls look like the team to beat in the CCS. Nice 2-5 pack within 13 seconds of each other.

Granite Bay girls strong in the SJS!

Too bad Campo girls skipped the seeded race.

Anonymous said...

CCS Combined Girls Ranking:

1. Mtn. View
2. Scotts Valley
3. SLV
4. Los Gatos
5. Presentation
6. Mitty
7. Aptos
8. Valley Christian
9. Palo Alto
10. Hollister

Go SCCAL! said...

Now I know D5 and D4 had the best conditions of the day, it just sucked for D2 and D3 but Scotts Valley and SLV looked really good. I'd say they are 1-2 in D4 right now.

Aptos beat Valley Christian and their #5 keeps improving. They have to be the favorite in D3 with such strong 1-4 runners.

Anonymous said...

we left after d 3 race and it wasn't as hot as 2009... that was killer

How I see it... said...

How the Top 15 fared:


1 Gunn D1 3
Erin Robinson is a stud but everyone else is still a question mark. Good but probably doesn't have the #5 depth like Mtn. View.

2 Carlmont D1 1
Peterson hasn't won in her first two tries and she will have her hands full this year with Robinson and the SLV Frosh stealing the show so far.

3 Mountain View D2 2
Class of CCS. Still #1 in my book. Sturges is a stud and the rest of the team really stepped it up at Stanford showing off their depth.

4 Los Gatos D2 4
Best race of the day in that heat. Katz is another tough competitor and with Knapp and Castro at 19:34 or faster they are tough.

5 San Lorenzo Valley D4 6
All Frosh and Sophs for SLV and they kicked butt in this race. Scotts Valley should be #4 in my book, SLV #5 and Los Gatos #6 just based off the #5 runners at this point. The SCCAL is tough this year...where does all that talent come from?

6 St. Ignatius D3 5
Where was Hinds? She was entered right?

7 Presentation D2 7
Good team that is hitting their stride. My only observation is they do this every year and struggle to make State. Is this year different?

8 Mitty D2 8
Tough team. Another 3 way dog fight between SI, Mitty and Presentation in the WCAL. Kriege has really come on strong this year!

9 St. Francis D2 9
Didn't run Stanford...

10 Valley Christian-SJ D3
Lira not as sharp as Early Bird and Isabel Garcia didn't even run. Tough day as they seemed to struggle in the heat.

11 Aptos D3
Another great showing of their #1-4 and 5 is coming around! Should win CCS for D3 this year.

12 San Benito D1
Good team and depth. Almost got Presentation in the Seeded race!

13 Half Moon Bay D4
Didn't run Stanford...

14 Sacred Heart Cathedral D3
They always have a slow start and come on strong in the end. I still think they will steal that #3 spot for State.

15 Aragon D2
Crowshaw is a beast, great run!

Albert Caruana said...

Nacouzi won her race handily leading the majority of the race. No reason to run faster than what she ran today.

I believe the weather 2 years ago was worse than last year. Today was definitely cooler than the past 2 years but still hot for the last few races.

Anonymous said...

Mountain View girls have yet to run their true top 7. They are going to be hard to beat

Anonymous said...

Julie Nacouzi's time not bad as she is coming off an injury which kept her from running HS meet last Wed. 22Sept. She was limping badly after last sat. Race Viking opener which she won running 10 sec. slower than her 2009 time.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with Karlie Garcia? Where was she?

Anonymous said...

Karlie Garcia and Nina Anderson have yet to run this season. Does anyone know why?

Anonymous said...

Last year was pretty bad in the afternoon.

Also apparently the course was short this year (just something to keep in mind when comparing Stanford to other meets).

Mountain View, they're getting that coaching situation sorted out. I think Gunn will take it in D1 this year again, but Robinson vs. Petersen should be awesome to watch.

Anonymous said...

Remember I Pulled Sherman off course she looked dehydrated, felt better for her not finishing was in top 4 with 1000 left. but not worth it! Maxwell biggest gap on sherman out of 3 prior meets only 5 sec. At RLS Relays Maxwell and Sherman ran Identical splits. Sherman actually had Fraiser and put Slight distance on her. At 4 way dual Sherman and Maxwell beat Soquel's Number #1 and SF ccc Alexandra Young by 1:20 to go 2.6 miles 16:42 TO 16:43 peer kick between both last 300m. Very confident Sherman would have ran Mid 18's. She looked very good this morning working Santa Cruz Tri. Like if nothing happen. Oh do have another freshman that will be running very soon should make impact beginning october. She grew 3 inches this summer and had to adjust to diet Major food allergies has been running and cross training in pool. It beginning year felt she could be top 4 but will see what happens. They still learning how to race only 2 of 6 freshman with some experience. Sherman really one with XC experience but was also playing basketball at same time last year. Others new. Maxwell just did track.

Kevin said...

Nomination of above comment for grammar hall of fame!!!!

Anonymous said...

Albert states on another strand that the course was short by 55 meters...(he know what he is talking about) So how many seconds is 55 meters? should 10 seconds or more be added to the times?

Albert Caruana said...

I was just relaying what Rich Gonzalez posted which is the following...
"According to a Stanford staff member, the course was about 55 meters shorter
than last year."

Anonymous said...

Sorry For the Spelling Kevin, Been on medication last few days. Just had a my appendix taken out last week. At least I was out there!

Anonymous said...

Granite Bay's girls team may be hands down the best in Northern California.

Unknown said...

Actually, Nacouzi won her race handily leading the majority of the race.Nice post.

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