Saturday, September 11, 2010

NorCal Saturday results...

Earlybird Invitational at Toro Park courtesy of

Ed Sias Invitational courtesy courtesy of

Pictures from the Ed Sias Invitational will be posted at the following link:

Wolverine Invitational courtesy of

Sierra Invitational courtesy of

More results will be posted as I find them as well as newspaper articles covering above races and more.


Anonymous said...

Rachel Hinds is a stud!!! First runner ever to 4 in a row at Earlybird? To do it over Jesse Petersen TWICE too is very, very impressive!

Anonymous said...

Bell sweep! 81:10 fourth fastest team time ever! Possibly number 1 time at CCS? We will see.

Albert Caruana said...

The Bellarmine boys are definitely one of the top teams in NorCal this year.

We'll see who else belongs up there as we head into the Stanford Invitational in two weeks.

MV Moose said...

Moose's CCS Girls Top 18:

1. Carlmont - Earlybird Win keeps Scots on top
2. Mountain View - By points wins Earlybird
3. Gunn - Need to know Thursday's results
4. Los Gatos - Third at Earlybird
5. St. Ignatius - Nice win by Hinds and a Froshie at #2 move Wildcats up
6. San Lorenzo Valley - Freshman WOW! By points third at Earlybird
7. Presentation - Need Tsolis back to move back up
8. Aptos - Assumes Destaillates had a bad day at Earlybird
9. Mitty - Missing Sophomores from last year's team
10. Half Moon Bay - Won PAL#1 on home course
11. St. Francis - Missing Sitler
12. Sacred Heart Cathedral - Looked good at Ed Sias
13. Valley Christian - Lira looked great at Earlybird
14. San Benito - Nice underclassman showing at Earlybird
15. Aragon - This assumes PAL#1 a better indicator of things to come
16. Leland - Two froshies in top five at Earlybird
17. Santa Cruz -
18. Westmoor - Nice showing at PAL#1

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks Moose. That's great!

Anonymous said...

Great race by Petersen and Hind, exchanging the lead multiple times pushing each other to get very, very good times to go into the record books.

Anonymous said...

I wish Hinds and Petersen were in the same division! Hinds just ran the #3 fastest time ever at Toro Park. If Petersen was there, perhaps the two of them could both get under the #2 time by Michelle Gallagher (Tori Tyler's course record... well wow, that's for another day!)

Albert Caruana said...

For those of you wondering, here are the all time lists at Toro Park through 2008. I am sure they will be updated throughout this season.

Albert Caruana said...

Another link with all-time marks from Toro Park (scroll down page of link):

Anonymous said...

Moose, good rankings but I think Mountain View should overtake Carlmont... they seem to have more depth. However, coaching changes could have affected them too... Los Gatos/Gunn could surprise.

Anonymous said...

I don't think coaching changes will effect Mt. View. And the depth you saw in the girls was without at least 2 of their top 7 runners participating at Earlybird.

MV Moose said...

I try to base my rankings on the runners on the course and specifically note how a missing runner affects her team's rankings. I have no insights on injuries and other conflicts that keep the girls off the course.

Of course, since Gunn avoids the interesting local races, their ranking is pretty much a shot in the dark.

As far as Mountain View depth, they had the most girls under 22 on Saturday. Let's see the other two run this fall, then adjustments may be in order.

Thanks for the insights, and remember, this is all for fun and to keep a high interest level for CCS Girls Cross Country.

Grunner said...

Slightly off topic, but I think a very interesting discussion to have would be which schools have a lot of runners who go on to compete at the D1 level. Among CCS schools, schools like Aptos come to mind (how many runners in the last few years have they sent to go run at Stanford? Off the top of my head I can think of 3. Any of the trivia hounds here want to take a stab ;))?

Anonymous said...

Bellarmine sent 4 runners to D1 schools two years ago, and last year Dalton Guthrie could have chosen to go D1 but instead chose Washington University in St.Louis academically and is still competing there in D3

FazzDazz said...

I wonder how fast Petersen would have run for 3200 in track? Where was Nina Anderson?

DRhoades said...

Petersen ran 10:51 as a soph and then ran 7:31 in the 2000 Steeple. This summer Petersen ran 7:11 for the 2000 Steeple. I say 10:35 - 10:40 range for 3200.

WCAL Fan said...

For Girls, Presentation is the class of the WCAL right now. SI is close and Mitty, Valley Christian and Sacred Heart are all there (look at the team times and their spread, all within one minute). Most of the WCAL teams didn't even run their top 7 varsity squad so it will be a great year for the WCAL.

My guess is it will be the same old finish at WCAL: SI, Presentation, Mitty with Valley and Saint Francis duking it out for 4th. SHC could play spoiler. Come CCS Valley will battle SI for a State spot, Saint Francis will go in D2 and Presentation... they are the question mark. They seem to peek at WCAL and bomb at CCS. We'll see have to wait to see if history repeats itself.

Anonymous said...

So what's up with no results from the Gunn Alumni meet. Who cares if they are official or not. Why the Secrecy Ernie?

Albert Caruana said...

Explanation about Gunn results can be found here:

Anonymous said...

I can think of 4 Aptos runners in the last few years that went on to run at Stanford (most current being Marissa Ferrante who graduated this summer).

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