Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rick Milam

Just added on the CCS website front page, a note about the passing of Rick Milam.
If you happen to receive this e-mail, please accept my advance apologies. I tried to make sure that it only happened once.

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Rick Milam (pictured here to the left, holding an award, courtesy of sportsimagewire.com at the 2010 Stanford Track and Field Invitational) tonight, Aug. 23. He was on his way to overcoming cancer. But in a short time period, starting Sunday afternoon, he suffered two heart attacks. He died with his brother and two close friends at his side at the hospital.

Some of you may not have met him, but if you attended either the CCS cross-country championships, the CCS track and field meet or at a Los Gatos All-Comers meet, he was there with his booming voice announcing races. He was a very good clerk and a better man. I will miss him very much, especially next spring when track season goes off and he won't be there.

Mark Foyer
HMB Review

Here is a link to a tribute at the same meet, as found on Keith Conning's blog:

A very sad loss for the cross country and track and field communities.


ThankYouRick said...

Rick was a good guy who did a great job year-round running meets. If you've ever tried to put on a meet you can appreciate what Rick did for years. It will be very weird not hearing that familiar voice at Los Gatos. R.I.P.

Coach Pup said...

This is absolutely saddening. Rick was a true gentleman in our sport--an ambassador of track & field who represented all that is good and redeeming. The impact of his life and the impact of his death will be felt on our community for quite some time.

Thank you, Rick.

Stacy Geiken said...

Rick Milam was one of the key figures in track and field in the Bay Area over the last 40 years. Rick was always upbeat and simply wanted to share his love of the sport with anyone and everyone. Years ago, my two Sons were given their first taste of track racing when Rick encouraged them to jump into a 60 yard dash at an All Comers Meet in Los Gatos. Neither boy stayed in his lane; never having run in a proper sprint race before. Rick smiled and congratulated both of them. Currently, my eldest Son is one of the top distance runners in the CCS. Rick greets me at every meet and watches my Son race despite his incredibly busy officiating duties. His strength and integrity were never more apparent than after his diagnosis of cancer. No complaints; he kept coming to meets as long as he was able. I will miss him and the sport will miss him.

MV Moose said...

It WILL be weird not hearing RIck at the Los Gatos meets. I was always amazed the care he took to learn all the competitors names so he could tell us who was doing what in so many races. Rick: we will miss you!

Unknown said...

Rick was a terrific guy to work with. He had organized some meets over the years at Los Gatos HS where several times he asked me to officiate the vault. He was a very hard worker, always on the move, always pleasant, and boy did he love track & field. I was saddened by hearing of his passing, and I pray that our Heavenly Father give poise, courage, and discernment to those who love him over the next few days, as they make some sad, but necessary decisions.

Anonymous said...

Services for Rick Milam will be at 2:00 to 3:30 on Sunday, September 19, at the Los Gatos High School Gym.

Tom Clifton said...

Coach Milam was my track and X-country coach at Homestead when we won CCS in 1978.

It is clear by the comments that he remained a strong figure in the track and field community.

It really didn't take our feet to prove it, Rick Milam was a Champion.

Tom Clifton

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