Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 CCS Cross Country Schedule (Tentative)

The schedule will be finalized at the CCS organizational meeting on Wednesday, September 2nd. but if form holds from previous seasons, here is when teams will compete on Saturday, November 14th at Toro Park.

Division V:      Girls 10:00AM      Boys  10:30AM
Division I:       Girls 11:05AM       Boys  11:35 AM
Division II:     Girls 12:10 PM       Boys 12:40 PM
Division III:   Girls 1:15 PM         Boys 1:45 PM
Division IV:    Girls 2:20 PM        Boys 2:50 PM


Kevin said...

Why is it so much later at Toro than at Crystal? And do we have official CBEDs yet?

Albert Caruana said...

Those are same time as last year. We went last in '09 and ran at 2:20 and 2:50.

All the information about the CBEDs can be found at the following link:

Kevin said...

Ok cool, thanks for that link. I seem to remember D1 being the first race last year at like 9:00AM, I could be wrong though.

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