Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sac-Joaquin Section Girls' Pre-Season Rankings for Divisions I-III

Thank you to Jason Jimenez for the following rankings.


Division 1 (2 Berths)
1. Oak Ridge
2. Davis
3. Lodi
4. Grace Davis
5. Napa

Notes: This division should just be called the Youth Division. One thing was striking when calculating next year's possible positions. There were almost no seniors in the 2009 Section final. And a majority of those few seniors came from one school: Davis Sr. Legendary Coach Bill Gregg will have his work cut out for him to reboot his empire, but I don't see any reason why he wouldn't be able to. The obvious story here is that Oak Ridge is virtually unbeatable, losing only Hayley Scott. Lodi looks strong too however, especially with the track credentials of #1 Cassidy Daley. If Davis or Oak Ridge stumble seriously, Lodi might be ready and waiting.

Division 2 (3 Berths)

1. St. Francis
2. Oakmont
3. Vacaville
4. Ponderosa
 5. Del Campo

 Notes: I suspect that Woodcreek may have a secret stash of 21-flat Willow Hills girls waiting for November 2010, but for the time being, it looks like Woodcreek is out of contention for the 2010 season. St. Francis will be there though, possibly with a Top-10 in the State type team. Barring any dramatic improvements from Oakmont's 3-4-5 scorers, St Francis appears to be ready to roll through Section finals. Vacaville, Ponderosa and Del Campo return full squads with experienced leaders. Look for these 3 teams to pick up the pieces if St Francis or Oakmont fall by the wayside and/or move divisions. Additionally, a lot of us will be wondering what Bella Vista will do. Will they run their freshmen and sophomores down again like last year or will they unleash them on the varsity scene? With no results on their prowess at the 5km distance it is hard to guess what type of team BV could be. If they do run them all up, expect Bella Vista to cause some sort of stir.

Division 3 (3 Berths)

1. Del Oro
2. Vista Del Lago
3. El Dorado
4. Placer
5. Woodland

 Notes: Note to self; Del Oro is loaded. Looking at their frosh-soph team, it appears DO could be dominating this division once again for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, another perennial D3 power seems to have lost their hold on those coveted State berths. Placer loses Shannon Harcus and it hurts them quite a bit. The Hillgals do have a decent frosh-soph team that may be able to replenish their Varsity squad, but look to Vista Del Lago to keep hold of their berth and then it will likely be El Dorado, returning a strong front 3 with frosh-sophs ready to reinforce. If any of these teams falter however certainly Placer and Woodland are strong enough to take advantage.

-- Jason Jimenez


Anonymous said...

I disagree with this 100%

URFasterThanMe said...

Thanks Jason and Albert!

Agreed in DI Oak Ridge is team to beat and Davis Sr will likely reload strong as always. Also agree that Del Oro team is a beast that would be tough in DI and DII much less DIII. In DII I would put Woodcreek in the top 5 now and maybe Granite Bay too.

I still haven't seen the SJS CBEDs but I heard that Oakmont likely will be DIII this year.

PS- To "Anonymous": next time post some actual *content*. What do you disagree with? How would you rank them?

Albert Caruana said...

CBEDs for the SJS will be out in early September. I am sure Jason had to make an educated guess on where some schools will compete during the '10 season. It's possible some teams may compete in a different division than noted in the pre-season rankings.

URFasterThanMe said...

Of course! No criticism implied for not having a magic crystal ball and knowing what the CBEDs will show this year. =) Pre-season ranking predictions are hard enough without even knowing what divisions teams will be competing in.

Albert Caruana said...

No worries. I was just making a general comment as not everyone might be aware of the forthcoming CBEDs.

Hopefully we can get some more SJS action on this site...even if they disagree 100%. :D

Anonymous said...

sorry... i shouldve been more clear on my earlier post. I think for division 2 woodcreek, granite bay and st. francis will all be gunning for the section title and all 3 teams have a very good chance at it. Granite Bay now has a very fast freshman and woodcreek got a few new people that are not all freshman and st. francis will still be strong after a great track season for a few of those girls and a 2nd place at sections last year behind woodcreek

Anonymous said...

As far as predictions go it doesn't make sense to pick unknown quantities (like new recruits to GB/WC) over a proven team with returning a full squad (SF). Additionally, rumors of Oakmont moving to D3 have been around for like the last 4 or 5 seasons. The reason I think they will not be doing so is that they are no in the same league as Del Campo. And after league realignments most schools in the same league are also in the same division. I could be wrong however. -Jason

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note; Grace Davis was hit pretty hard, not by graduation, but by girls moving. They did loose thier #2 by graduation, however #1 Maryssa McDuffy transfered to Enochs High and Enochs tied Grace Davis for the league title last year. this will make Enochs even stronger, though they didnt have a good showing at subs, so I would watch out for Enochs. Grace Davis also lost #3 & #4 they both went to the new high school (Gregori)

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