Saturday, August 07, 2010

Couple of notes from today's SRV coach's clinic...

A quote shared by Arizona St. coach Louie Quintana in his talk about Building Momentum, Maintaining the Coaching Fire:

"He who would first ignite a fire in others, must first himself glow."  Joe Vigil

How are you going to inspire your runners this coming cross country season?  How are you a better coach this year?  Are you communicating with your runners?  

The first speaker today was Saugus HS coach Rene Paragas.  He gave an overview of his program and how he deals with the beginners, returners and elite on his team.  Definitely great insight in one of the top programs in California.

You can check out more about Rene in an interview I did with him in 2008:

Thanks to SRV coach Tim Hunter for hosting and putting the clinic together.  Thank you also to Tim O'Rourke and Ken Reeves for contributing to the clinic with their round table discussion.  And last but definitely not least, thanks the Nike for the free shoes!

Stayed tuned for more coaching interviews.  Feel free to email me coaches that you would like to hear from on this site.  I will see what I can do about interviewing them.  I can be reached  at

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