Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Coaching certification and concussion information...

From the CIF state website:
All Coaches, paid or unpaid, must be certified in Coaches Education by December 31, 2008. Coaches can now become certified online for $52 or in a classroom setting by one of California's Instructors. Click the links below for more information.
  • "Fundamentals of Coaching" is a general coaching course that will count towards CIF certification. It is listed under core courses at the NFHS web site. Please note that the courses at the NFHS site with a specific sport name attached WILL NOT count for this certification. The above link will take you directly to the correct course.

    The same site that offers the coaching certification course also has a new course (FREE) on concussions in sports.  I highly recommend you taking the course which only takes 30 minutes.  While cross country is not one of the leading sports in numbers of concussions, you just never know.  You can get the certification at the following link:


PadreCoach said...

Take the online course - it walks you through it and gives you the answers to the "Final" you have to take at the end. It also lets you print out all the materials instead of having to purchase them on top of the registration fee.

Albert Caruana said...

Most schools cover the cost of the coaching course and it's a lifetime certification so worth it if you plan on coaching in California.

The concussion certification is not a requirement yet but could be in the future so you will be ahead of the game if you get this done. It takes about 30 minutes to complete.

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