Friday, March 19, 2010

The run is over

Folks, it's time to shut this back and forth bickering down.  Comments will no longer be allowed on this post and I am hiding the existing comments.  

In the best interest of all the kids involved (on the current Carlmont Track and Field team and the others who have chosen not to be on the team), let's move on.  Let's focus on the now and the future instead of trying to find fault in past events.  
Posted in today's San Mateo Daily Journal by Emanuel Lee.  Picture to the left courtesy of Margaret Gallagher and

What’s wrong with wanting to run more miles? That’s what Carlmont High junior Jessie Petersen wanted to know.

Because Petersen was unable to get the Carlmont track coaches to acquiesce on her demands to run additional miles, she quit the team three weeks ago. Sadly, no one will get a chance to watch Petersen attempt a CCS 3,200-meter three-peat this season.

Petersen said Scots coach Sunny Diaz put the runners through the same program, having them run no more than eight miles a week for the first two weeks of tryouts/training. Petersen asked if she could run more but was rebuffed several times.

Realizing there would be no compromise, she quit the team. Petersen isn’t the only athlete on Carlmont’s track team who has quit the team. She said five girls on the long-distance running side are no longer with the team and estimated around 17 boys have quit the program as well.

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