Monday, March 01, 2010

Missing San Diego High School runner...

Update from Associated Press:
Search resumes for missing California teenager

We are not in San Diego but this can happen anywhere. Runners, please be aware when out running and always run in a group.

You can find info about Chelsea King and her disappearance at the following link:

The following is an email from Andrew Schreiber (Las Lomas XC and Track and Field coach) to his team. It's excellent advice.

Knight Nation-

I don't have very good news, but we can learn from this. Last Thursday a
runner from Poway High School in San Diego went for a run in a park by
herself. She is still missing. The authorities arrested a registered sex
offender yesterday in connection with her disappearance.

We all need to be very diligent when running by ourselves. As Coach
Cynthia, Coach Dan and I always say to the girls, don't go on runs by
yourself- have a partner with you.

-Coach Schreiber

Hopefully they are on the right track to finding Chelsea.

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Anonymous said...

Our hearts go out to the King family. We deeply value and are moved by the community effort to find her.

Not running alone has been an ongoing issue as my kids grow up. We’ve been pretty inflexible about it and this has caused friction at times. It is hard to get through that there are nuts out there. I also noticed that the reports of attacks on runners over the years have not been limited to children or females. Rarely there can be injuries and actually also mountain lions in these parts. Trail running has a lot going for it compared to running on sidewalks but they have to do so extra carefully.
-anonymous for good reason

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