Monday, March 29, 2010

California Track & Field Journals: Jacque Taylor - Intro and Phillip MacQuitty interview...

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Hey Milesplit! My name is Jacque Taylor and I live in Northern California. When I was 6 years old I moved from Aptos. If I hadn't moved, I'd probably be playing soccer at Aptos High School. From the time I was 5 to the time I was 16, I litterally lived and breathed soccer. I think I have been everywhere in California at least 3 times! Not only that, but I have gone out of the state for soccer tournies. Honeslty, I was always the kid that would complain everytime we had to run a lap around the soccer field, sometimes I even tried to bribe the coaches.

To read the rest of Jacque's entry, go to the following link

...and for those of you asking for an interview with Philip MacQuitty, here it is also courtesy of Track Chats: Philip MacQuitty

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Anonymous said...

phillip macquitty is having an awesome season. personally, i do not think that he should focus on the 3200. he can if he wishes;however, he will likely not place high at states considering all the depth this year. i don't think he has the stamina to hang with the top guys. if he decides to run the 8, he could place very will, probably top 3, considering how early his 1:52 was. Same with the 1600. he has an amazing kick and has proven that it is now strong enough so that he can run with anybody, including gedyon (yes i said it).

BTW, anybody think we will see a fast 3200 from gedyon at any point this season? what will he be running at arcadia?

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