Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dan Gabor Invitational - Friday Distance Heats

You can find every heat at the following link:

Race of the Day?

Going with...
Section 18 of 18 Finals
1 Kevin Griffith San Ramon Vl 1:53.89
2 Toshi Kellogg Acalanes 1:55.00
3 John McAnelly Woodland 1:55.95
4 Ryan Hammill San Ramon Vl 1:58.73
5 Brett Cantrell Acalanes 1:59.40
6 Adam Kelly-Strong Jesuit 1:59.73
7 Anthony Martore Castro Valle 1:59.83
8 Kellen Cole Amador Valle 2:00.90

What is your choice for race of the...actually night?


Albert Caruana said...

Early report of winners of fast heats...

Deuel San Ramon Valley 4:25
Verdon Campolindo 5:16
Kellogg Acalanes 1:55
Schneider Castro Valley 2:19
Eversole Castro Valley 9:23
Santisteban Castro Valley 10:55

Results will be posted as soon as I get them. I know Deuel doubled back in 9:31 and Will Melton of Northgate ran 9:39. Any other highlights?

Anonymous said...

Race of the night had to be the last boy's 1600. Craaaaazy finish by SRV.

Anonymous said...

The last 3200 race was great. The battle between Eversole and the kid from Redwood Christian on the last lap was classic.

Anonymous said...

Who was that runner who ran the 2:01 in the slower heats? it looked like he should have been in the premier heat.

Marty said...

"Any other highlights?"

My vote would go to all those girls running in the earlier mile heats when it was not only raining cats and dogs, but was blowing sideways. I'm not sure how they kept going on that back stretch lap after lap with that wind and rain in their faces. And I used to think I was tough....

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