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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Top Northern California performance at Mt. SAC Invitational

All results can be found at this LINK. The overall fastest times for both girls and boys can be found at this LINK.

Top 13 Northern California Girls
1) Brooke Starn Monte Vista HS (NCS) 16:55
2) Kristen Leung Lowell HS (SF) 17:36
3) Sofia Castiglioni Davis HS (SJS) 17:43
4) Kendall Derry Bella Vista HS (SJS) 17:48
5) Abigail Fisk Davis HS (SJS) 17:50
6) Elena Kamas Homestead HS (CCS) 17:53
7) Glennis Murphy Redwood HS (NCS) 17:53
8) Olivia O'Keeffe Davis HS (SJS) 17:59
9) Meredith Corda Monte Vista HS (NCS) 18:01
10) Sierra Brill Lowell HS (SF) 18:02
11) Delaney White Santa Rosa HS (NCS) 18:04
12) Madalyne Coney Monte Vista HS (NCS) 18:09
13) Adria Barich Casa Grande HS (NCS) 18:12

Top 15 Northern California Boys
1) Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS) 14:48
2) Andy Ehrenberg Redwood HS (NCS) 15:15
3) Luis Grijalva Armijo HS (SJS) 15:16
4) Nick Borowsky Davis HS (SJS) 15:23
5) Kellen Browning Davis HS (SJS) 15:26
7) Nolan Dozier Sobrato HS (CCS) 15:26
8) Tim Chrisman Monte Vista HS (NCS) 15:28
9) Mieka Beaudoin-Rousseau Bellarmine HS (CCS) 15:30
10) Luis Aragon Lowell HS (SF) 15:35
11) Thomas Busse Bellarmine HS (CCS) 15:36
12) Tristan Miller Monte Vista HS (NCS) 15:39
13) Daniel Pride Santa Rosa HS (NCS) 15:39
14) Logan Taggart Oakmont HS (SJS) 15:41
15) Michael Vernau Davis HS (SJS) 15:42
To be continued... if you can help fill out the rest of this top 15, please add the names below.


Anonymous said...

You missed Kellen Browning of Davis Sr, who clocked in at 15:26 in Team Sweepstakes. He's ahead of Bellarmine's #1.

Anonymous said...

Tim Chrisman of Monte Vista ran 15:28

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all the top Northern California boys and girls at Mt.SAC especially to
Cooper Teare (SJND) and Brooke Starn (Monte Vista) - the two brightest Northern STARS.

Julie Taggart said...

You also forgot Logan Taggart, (Oakmont, Sac-Joaquin Sect). He was 9th in the "D3" Championship race at 15:41.

Anonymous said...

Luis Aragon -Lowell 15:35

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you folks. All the missed athletes have been added. Any others?

Anonymous said...

Thomas Busse Bellarmine 15:36

Anonymous said...

Nolan Dozier from Sobrato HS ran 15:26 in the D1&2 Individual Swerps. (CCS)

Aziz Ghadiali said...

#9 Mieke is actually spelled Meika

Anonymous said...

was Olivia O'Keeffe's sister injured?

Albert Caruana said...

I am not sure why Fiona didn't race on Saturday. My best guesses are that she sat our due to injury or she was on a recruiting visit.

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