Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Updated Sac-Joaquin Section Rankings for all divisions

Thanks to an anonymous SJS parent. Overall top teams for both boys and girls listed as well. Feel free to comment in the section below.

1) Jesuit
2) Davis
3) Armijo
4) Woodcreek
5) Sheldon
6) Modesto

1) Bella Vista
2) Merced
3) Oakmont
4) Atwater
5) Whitney
6) Rocklin

1) Vista Del Lago
2) Rio Americano
3) El Dorado
4) Del Oro
5) Placer
6) Buhach Colony

1) Christian Brothers
2) Riverbank
3) Hughson
4) Amador
5) Sierra
6) Weston Ranch

1) Capital Christian
2) Foresthill
3) Golden Sierra
4) Vacaville Christian
5) Argonaut
6) Waterford

1) Jesuit D1
2) Davis D1
3) Bella Vista D2
4) Merced D2
5) Oakmont D2
6) Armijo D1
7) Atwater D2
8) Rocklin D2
9) Woodcreek D1
10) Whitney D2
11) Vista Del Lago D3
12) Sheldon D1
13) Granite Bay D2
14) Rio Amer D3
15) El Dorado D3
16) Christian Bros D4

1) Davis
2) Woodcreek
3) McClatchy
4) Oak Ridge
5) Armijo
6) Sheldon

1) Bella Vista
2) St Francis
3) Granite Bay
4) Nevada Union
5) Vacaville
6) Whitney

1) Vista Del Lago
2) Placer
3) Rio Americano
4) Del Oro
5) El Camino
6) El Dorado

1) Amador
2) Dixon
3) Hughson
4) Riverbank
5) Christian Bros
6) Sierra

1) Vacaville Christian
2) Forest Lake Christian
3) Western Sierra
4) Delta
5) Ripon Christian
6) Buckingham

1) Davis D1
2) Bella Vista D2
3) St Francis D2
4) Granite Bay D2
5) Woodcreek D1
6) Nevada Union D2
7) Vacaville D2
8) Vista Del Lago D3
9) McClatchy D1
10) Oak Ridge D1
11) Whitney D2
12) Placer D3
13) Amador D4
14) Rio Amer D3
15) Dixon D4
16) Armijo D1
17) Del Oro D3
18) VV Christian D5


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that the post season is just about upon us. For teams that are not running Mt. Sac, the next time they will lace up their racers will be at their league championship meets, sub-sections and then sections. The road to state starts now, wishing all the teams and runners out there continued health. It seems like every season there are some key injuries/illnesses as workouts peak prior to cutting back for the big meets. So important to take carte of your bodies and get to the start line in peak condition. So excited for the upcoming weeks.

Anonymous said...

CCS Rankings any time soon?!?!?! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Meaning individuals CCS rankings…this year doesn't seem like lynbrooksports has individuals.

Hank said...

CCS Individuals will go up tonight.


Bill said...

Races tell no lies. D3 Boys needs to be re-shifted. The Bronco Invitational (from Saturday) established the following official order for D3 Boys:

1. Rio Americano
2. Vista Del Lago (Folsom)
3. El Dorado
4. Placer
5. Del Oro

Looking a little deeper into results, no injuries to account for as all the major runners competing.

Unknown said...

D3 varsity girls El Camino will race Del Oro head to head at Mt. SAC. Should be interesting to see who can pull ahead, experienced Del Oro runners or mostly freshmen varsity girls from El Camino. Chaves and Barnes in the top 5 both should help EC win, fingers crossed. We have run a lot of hills this season.

Anonymous said...

Coach Doug, congrats on a successful season. Curious where Chaves and Barnes came from? I saw them at Del Oro and have been impressed all season. if you are able to get out more athletes in the coming years, you could certainly build a successful team around those two. Best of luck at Mt. Sac.

screamin scott said...

I believe that Atwater spanked Merced boys in the Merced County championship this past weekend. Although they have run in very few championship meets the Thomas Downey girls may surprise some folks in D2 SJS meet

Anonymous said...

Last year there were exactly 2 SJS runners in the D1 Boys top 30 at the State Championships. I am going to go out on a limb and say that this year, I wouldn't be surprised to see 4 in the Top 20. I think Vernau, Grijalva, Holland and Kurdy all have the potential of being as high as top 10.

Joel Bernard said...

Well, at least for D4, this list seems pretty fair. Although, having us sitting at 3rd for both genders is a little hard to take. That would be too cruel if it actually panned out that way at the Section Meet. We'll see what we can do ;)

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