Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Sac-Joaquin Section Mid-Season Cross Country Team Rankings

Sac-Joaquin Section rankings on ca.milesplit based on 5k and 3 mile times:

Division I Boys (2 state meet qualifiers)
1) Jesuit
2) Davis
3) Armijo
4) Cosumnes Oaks
5) Woodcreek

Division I Girls (3 state meet qualifiers)
1) Davis
2) Oak Ridge
3) Woodcreek
4) Armijo
5) McClatchy

Division II Boys (3 state meet qualifiers)
1) Bella Vista
2) Granite Bay
3) Rocklin
4) Oakmont
5) Whitney

Division II Girls (3 state meet qualifiers)
1) Bella Vista
2) Granite Bay
3) St. Francis, Sacramento
4) Vacaville
5) Nevada Union

Division III Boys (3 state meet qualifiers)
1) Vista Del Lago
2) Rio Americano
3) El Dorado
4) Placer
5) Del Oro

Division III Girls (3 state meet qualifiers)
1) Vista Del Lago
2) Placer
3) Rio Americano
4) El Dorado
5) Del Oro

Division IV Boys (2 state meet qualifiers)
1) Christian Brothers
2) Sierra
3) Riverbank
4) Dixon
5) Weston Ranch

Division IV Girls (2 state meet qualifiers)
1) Amador
2) Hughson
3) Riverbank
4) Sonora
5) Dixon

Division V Boys (2 state meet qualifiers)
1) Capital Christian
2) Foresthill
3) Golden Sierra
4) Argonaut
5) Vacaville Christian

Division V Girls (2 state meet qualifiers)
1) Vacaville Christian
2) Forest Lake Christian
3) Ripon Christian
4) Argonaut
5) Sacramento Waldorf

If I missed any schools that you feel deserve to be mentioned, feel free to comment in the section below. Include reasons why you feel they belong in the top 5 of their respective division. Also, if you feel there are teams listed above that should move up, feel free to comment as well.

Thank you to all the coaches that helped compile the above lists.


Anonymous said...

El Camino girls should be able to beat Del Oro and El Dorado to be number 4. They are ranked 5th "hypotheically" in D3 right now. If they can get their 4 and 5 runners to pick it up (seniors are lacking) they might take Rio at Sections. They are very young, but with Chaves and Barnes are the future of SJS D3. Chaves will beat Anderson.

Bill said...

In D3 girls, I would switch Placer and Vista Del Lago on the girls side based on trends and depth. Otherwise Rio Americano is solid and pretty deep. Top 3 are a lock.

In D3 boys, I think Placer is a bit high but they always show up at Sections. Can't deny its' Vista Del Lago section championship to lose with their depth. Four teams battling for final 2 spots.

Anonymous said...

Great job Albert, a lot of information there and it seems like this year, many teams are choosing to compete less in hopes of peaking at the right time. I am curious to see how many of these teams truly have aspirations to make some noise at the state meet. I haven't reviewed all of the participants at this weekend's Clovis meet, but it should provide the strongest test yet for those hoping to do well and get a preview of both the course as well as their competition.

Joel Bernard said...

You seem to have a lot of confidence in my girls ;) (Hughson, D4) Thanks for the nod. I feel like we are a good team, but I kind of thought we'd stay under the radar for a little while longer.

Out of curiosity, what were your criteria for the rankings?

Joel Bernard said...

I'd say that Dixon is better than Sonora in D4G. Sonora has up front firepower but Dixon has a little more depth.....I think your D4B rankings are spot on, maybe Sierra over CB, but that is a close call.

Anonymous said...

Del Oro looks a little over ranked in both boys and girls.

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you all for your comments. These rankings are highly subjective. I asked the input of many coaches in each division and put together the above rankings. I would say some teams are ranked higher than you might think at this point based on past history and how well they have competed in November.

Keep the comments coming. I will have an updated version of the SJS rankings before all the league and section finals.

Anonymous said...

1. Not sure why anyone cares or wants to "fly under the radar?" Favorite or underdog it makes no difference. You run and the points add up.

2. Why do people not hate Jesuit like they do Bellarmine. Or do they and no one says anything?

3. There's a few things that really get people worked up on here. Rankings and Weather. You people REALLY love your rankings. Can someone please explain?

4. What do you think about Wisconsin dogging the invite and possibly giving freebie points for NCAA qualifying? Jesuit seems to be rolling all season and racing a lot. I like the attitude.

Anonymous said...

Just an observer's opinion
1. Teams are living, breathing things, some adapt better at being thrown in the fire than others. Some need to be coddled a bit until they get the confidence to do their best against the best competition. As an example, I wondered why Bellarmine is not at Clovis, competing in the Championship race. Maybe (and I honestly don't know) because they have a very young (and very talented) team and the plan is to build up their confidence gradually understanding that their best chance at post season success (on paper) is the next two years.
2. Anyone who has been directly exposed to the Jesuit program knows that Coach Lange does things the right way. The only recruiting that is done is from kids who don't make the soccer team. If you were curious how they do it, his workouts are posted publicly, the videos that he and the other coaches make of each race are for public consumption on YouTube and if you are a new coach wanting some advice, just ask, he and his his co-coaches have been a resource to many area teams.
3. Good question in a sport where the only thing that really matters is the order you cross the finish line. It's just something to create a conversation given the huge amount of data you can pull from xcstats, athletic.net, etc. With all of the weather and course variations (for some) it's fun to predict, kind of like the advent of fantasy football.
4. Seeing the video of the Wisconsin coach, I totally get it. You can't get your team to hammer all year round and expect them to be able to perform in the post season and stay injury free. As for Jesuit, they (like most top teams) keep a pretty busy schedule, but don't travel much (Stanford, Clovis, State). It might not be to the point of Wisconsin, but they run through some meets (dependent on their workout schedule) in the hopes of peaking in the post season and getting everyone to the big races in the best shape possible. I would expect you would see this both tomorrow (regular season league meet) and at sub-sections when I assume, both they and Davis will pack run with the understanding that as the two most talented and deepest teams, there is really no point in putting in too great of an effort before a big race.

Albert Caruana said...

Great post.

I think Bellarmine has always attended the Serra Crystal Springs Invitational instead of Clovis.

Walt has definitely been a great coach and resource for a lot of coaches. There are no secrets to what he does. Everybody should check out his current school website:

The older site can be found here:

Ms Selena said...
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Anonymous said...

Davis has three charter schools to bring together to make one large school, it is not fair. Hopefully CIF will stop it soon.

Anonymous said...

As the parent of an athlete on a team that competes against Davis, I don't fault Davis for how the Sac Joaquin runs the section. It always ends up opening a firestorm when we start talking about equity, but there should be some sort of uniformity across the state, rather than the "let each section figure out what they want to do" which we currently have. If you look at the top of D1, the attendance difference between the most popular school and smallest (in D1) is about a 700 student difference or, if my math is correct about 30%! One would think that would be a competitive advantage.

Anonymous said...

We'll see how much these rankings mean after Saturday.

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