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Thursday, August 22, 2013

2013 Cross Country Season

I know many of you are excited about the upcoming XC season.  Here is your chance to share that excitement with the rest of this site's visitors.  

What race are you most looking forward to this upcoming season?  
What are your goals?  
Who are going to be some of the biggest surprises?  
Who are runners we should watch out for because they did work this summer?  
Who are the podium contenders?
Who are the transfers we don't know about?
Who are the impact freshmen?
What else?  

Here is your chance to speak up!


Anonymous said...

1 name to watch - Morgin Coonfield from McKinleyville high

Albert Caruana said...

No doubt. She was tremendous at the end of the Track and Field season. Should be a contender for a top 10 finish at state.

Anonymous said...

What Teams are Really Going to Make a Impact?

Nils said...

I'm looking forward (as a spectator and dad) to the Ed Sias Invitational on 9/26. It's a chance to get a feel for how the summer work proves out, and how the competition looks. And to see a lot of fine running!

Anonymous said...

Morgin Coonfield is a fierce competitor - watched her race several times. If her coaches are not more careful, though, they are going to burn her out.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:56

Just so you know, a large part of Hidden Valley Park is closed due to construction. The Ed Sias Invitational will still be run, but on a different 2 mile course at HVP.

Nils said...

Thanks Anon 10:25 AM !! If I read the map right, there are no hills on the 2013 course, and definitely not at the start and finish! That makes for a *completely* different race. If anyone does know of hills on the new (East-tending) course, I'd be curious to know.

Anonymous said...

Nils, calendar check. The Ed Sias race is on 9/14 not 26.

Nils said...

Anon 1:11 Thank you! 9/14 it is!

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