What is toughest CCS At-Large distance mark?

Friday, November 16, 2012

NCS MOC Live Results thanks to www.recordtiming.com


Feel free to comment here as results roll in from the meet.


Anonymous said...

SRV taking the win over DLS and AV?!? WOW!

Anonymous said...

Goltra wins it all! Wow!

Congratulations Aidan.

M Stew said...

Miramonte for the WIN!!!

alamedamom said...

Contrats to the St. Joseph Notre Dame and Alameda High boys teams. On to State!

Anonymous said...

...and congrats to Kim and Veronica. Go Pilots!

Anonymous said...

Amazing performance by SRV in the D1 race today.

4,6,7,11,12 - 28 sec spread.

Wilke, Hanze and Intravia came up big

Finoglio and Piscenti came up HUGE!

Way to go Wolves!

Phat Jeph said...


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