Saturday, November 10, 2012

SJS Results

Comments?  Who was most impressive today?  What SJS team is in the hunt for a podium finish at state in two weeks?


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Two words: MAGGIE BELL!! 17:45 at Willow Hills as a freshman, then missed the awards ceremony to play in a soccer tournament. She's the real deal!!

Anonymous said...

Historically fast times at the Willow Hills course, with several boys busting into the top 10 course fastest. Much faster than last year. Awesome racing!

Anonymous said...

St. Francis girls most impressive.

Anonymous said...

Agree. St. Francis is a team that could be on the podium in Clovis. Great performance yesterday in DI.

Bella Vista girls in DII wins first XC title in 23 years. Super talent level in frosh class, look for 3 more possible titles to follow. Team could place in top 10 at State in what will be the toughest race of the entire meet.

Del Oro girls, with it's proud XC tradition, comes up big again and wins DIII over Vista Del Lago. How many times have we've seen this before at this point in the season. Impressive program.

Vista Del Lago proves the experts wrong. They are not a top 3 team in the state nor a top 25 team in the nation. They do have one of the top runners in the nation though, with Madeleine Ankhelyi.

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