Monday, November 12, 2012

CCS XC Finals at Toro Park-Division III Girls

Pictures from the CCS meet courtesy


Anonymous said...

Any videos of the Boys D3 race??

Anonymous said...

Nice bounce back for Aptos after losing Hiltz to begin the year.


Anonymous said...

Are there any pictures &/or videos from the D5 races? Terrific Meet overall!

Anonymous said...

I got there too late to film the D3 boys race, and I left before the start of the D2 races. I also mess up the D5 videos (the D5's are posted).

However, there was a professional videographer from a national sports site who also filmed the races. I forgot the site's name. His videos should be better since he knew what he was doing. I assume that his videos of all the races should be available on the web soon.

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