Saturday, November 10, 2012

CCS XC Results

Here they are:  2012 CCS RESULTS

Any comments about today's races?  Who was most impressive?  Who is the best team moving forward to state with a chance to win a podium finish (top 3)?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

YEAH CARLMONT!!! If Dimick can run better, they will dominate at state!

Anonymous said...

Saw fine sportsmanship all around in today's D1, most notably Bellarmine

Albert Caruana said...

I can speak for division v and agree wholeheartedly!

Summer Teeth said...

So Homestead girls qualified as a team for the state meet for the first time in.............god knows how many years. HELL YEAH

Anonymous said...

If Bellarmine's team can have everyone run how they are able to and heal injuries, they will be a force at state.

Anonymous said...

Every team has its casualties.

What's up with results? Wasn't last year chip timing with near live results? And we had the combined scores, etc. What's up with the delay?

Anonymous said...

Did Carlmont set a course record today? When I added it up, they ran 79:58, and from what I found online the old record was 80:13

Anonymous said...

How about the three way tie for second in boys D2?

Anonymous said...

Great race in Division 1! The Carlmont/Bellarmine matchup was very exciting! Carlmont had a really great race! I looked at past results from other meets and from what I saw, this was not Bellarmine's best race by far. I was very impressed with their great sportsmanship and look forward to seeing these two great teams face off again at state, when they are both in full strength! Should be very exciting!!!

Craiggypop The Angry Panda said...

The D2 races were thrilling. A three way tie for second in the boys' race and the Katz and Jacobs showdown in the girls' race were both exciting! Congrats to everyone who raced and thank you to all the friends and families that came out to support their children, friends, and teams! Also, thank you to all the folks who worked the meet.

Craig Lee
Archbishop Mitty
Asst. Coach XC/T&F

Anonymous said...

Carlmont did set the course record today. It will be exciting to watch Bell and Carlmont go at it again

Evan Smith said...

The most impressive thing that I saw was Richard Ho of Leland winning the D2 race, and then, without slowing down at all, running through the chute and back up the course to cheer on his teammates who were still racing. Obviously a team-oriented athlete.

Anonymous said...

Our D II race today demonstrated why XC is a team sport and the impotance of every member. Aragon tied at 91 points with St. Francis and Leland second place.
Our 6th man made the difference for 2nd spot to State. First time in the schools 50 years an Aragon XC team made it to State. In a most unique scoring race!

hank said...

They've never done chip timing at CCS, and I was in Florida running a half marathon so was unable to get the results up quickly.


Anonymous said...

If SI can get a complete performance from their top 5 it seems like they might be able to do well in Fresno - haven't really seen a complete race yet from them though.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Robinson run?

Marty Beene said...

Wow, congrats to Dasko and the Aragon boys - I did not know that my alma mater had never sent a team to State! This may warrant resurrecting my team t-shirt from 1978 on the Friday pre-race jog at Woodward (if one or both of our teams make it)....

Anonymous said...

I know Bellarmine had a few runners with injuries or sickness, but that is not to take away from Carlmont, they ran amazing yesterday. It will be fun to watch them at state, and if their previous match-ups have shown anything, it will be a nail-biter.

Anonymous said...

How about all the talented freshman

Anonymous said...

Was there a camera to verify the finishes in D2. I have seen many wrong judgement calls and after the debacle in college between Portland and BYU it would be nice to make sure this is right.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Maxwell? Is she injured?

Albert Caruana said...

I don't believe there was a camera at the finish line.

From the newspaper articles, it appears that Anna Maxwell has been dealing with illness.

Anonymous said...

Why in the world is there no finish lynx camera? Just shows how much of a joke xc is to the ccs office and HS Administrators. You have to be kidding me that a camera isn't used to verify close races like this now days.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all! Special congrats to Carlmont boys on new team-time course record beating some very powerful teams on the lists! Here are the updated marks after the massive hits they took!!
Good luck at State!
Coach Ibarra

Toro Park Course Records
Updated 11/11/12
Top 10 Boys' Team Times

1 Carlmont 79:58 2012

2 Mountain View 80:13 2008

3 Madera South 80:31 2011 & 2012

4 Bellarmine 80:43 2011

5 Los Gatos 80:45 2006

6 Los Altos 81:05 2012

7 North Monterey County 81:10 2003

8 Willow Glen 81:23 2006

9 San Benito 81:28 2011

10 Carmel 81:39 2003

Top 10 Girls' Team Times

1 Los Gatos 96:01 2006

2 Mountain View 96:11 2008

3 Carlmont 96:22 2006

4 Aptos 96:53 2012

5 Gunn 96:59 2002

6 Mitty 97:14 2012

7 San Lorenzo Valley 97:17 2004

8 Monta Vista 97:34 2005

9 Half Moon Bay 98:20 2004

10 Carmel 98:30 2006

Top 25 Boys All-Time

1 15:02 Estifanos, Yohaness 12 Milpitas 2012

2 15:05 D’Acquisto, Domenic 12 Enterprise 2010

3 15:12 Petrillo, Matthew 12 Los Gatos 2006

4 15:13 Abdalla, Mohamed 12 Willow Glen 2007

5 15:14 Herrera, Jose 12 Madera South 2012

6 15:20 Estrada, Diego 12 Alisal 2007

6 15:20 Ho, Richard 12 Leland 2012

8 15:21 Mineau, Jeremy 11 Menlo Atherton 2002

8 15:21 Geiken, Will 12 Los Gatos 2010

10 15:22 Fitzpatrick, Dylan 12 Carmel 2004

11 15:24 Morales, Ben 11 San Benito 1998

11 15:24 Dunn, Alex 11 San Lorenzo Valley 2002

13 15:27 Johnson, Tyre 11 Palma 2007

13 15:27 Lema, Nohe 12 Willow Glen 2008

13 15:27 Corvese, Ryan 12 Sobrato 2012

13 15:27 Vasquez, Miguel 12 Andrew Hill 2012

17 15:28 Hunt, Rylan 12 Aptos 2008

18 15:29 Rowe, Garrett 10 Mountain View 2008

18 15:29 Schuh, Parker 11 Mountain View 2009

20 15:31 Sitler, Ben 11 St. Francis 2004

21 15:32 Sum, Steven 10 Saratoga 2012

22 15:33 Strum, Weston 12 Pioneer 2009

23 15:34 Huerta, Nathan 11 North Monterey County 2003

23 15:34 Nelson, Tim 10 Liberty Christian 2000

23 15:34 Sartor, Matt 12 Enterprise 2000

Top 25 Girls All-Time

1 17:16 Tyler, Tori 12 Gunn 2004

2 17:28 Maxwell, Anna 11 San Lorenzo Valley 2012

3 17:42 Fraser, Vanessa 12 Scotts Valley 2012

4 17:44 Hiltz, Nikki 11 Aptos 2011

5 17:46 Katz, Danielle 12 Los Gatos 2012

6 17:49 Jacob, Lauren 9 Los Altos 2012

7 17:53 Gallagher, Michelle 12 Sacred Heart 2002

8 17:54 Estrada, Vanessa 12 San Benito 2012

9 18:00 Hinds, Rachel 12 St. Ignatius 2010

10 18:02 Nevitt, Casey 12 Aptos 2002

10 18:02 Weigel, Maya 12 Mountain View 2012

12 18:03 Goo, Kylie 12 Westmoor 2012

13 18:07 Barnett, Stephanie 11 Leland 2007

14 18:08 Grelli, Melissa 11 Presentation 2002

15 18:09 Plank, Mckayla 10 Mitty 2002

15 18:09 Viehweg, Ciera 10 St. Ignatius 2002

15 18:09 Peterson, Jessie 12 Carlmont 2010

18 18:15 Fedronic, Justine 12 Carlmont 2008

18 18:15 Bergman, Jennifer 12 Valley Christian 2008

20 18:16 Kirschman, Lindsey 11 Enterprise 2004

21 18:17 Graham, Ruth 12 Gunn 2002

22 18:20 Follmar, Alicia 12 Saratoga 2004

23 18:21 Johnson, Taylor 11 San Lorenzo Valley 2006

24 18:23 Daly, Katy 10 St. Ignatius 2006

25 18:24 Gregory, Kat 12 Woodside Priory 2011

25 18:24 Macmillan, Claire 11 San Lorenzo Valley 2012

Anonymous said...

Who is this rabuzzi kid form los altos?

Anonymous said...

Great D5 boys race! Congrats to Crystal Springs for taking the team title & to the individual champion Diego Leon.

Anonymous said...

Any word on if ccs is going to be held there in 2 years. I heard this is the last year.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Bellarmine also got on the course record list. I got their team time as an 80:44, which would put them one second behind the Bellarmine team from 2011.

Albert Caruana said...

I don't know about Toro Park in 2 years. I have heard the same rumors. We'll see what happens. We know CCS will be at Crystal Springs next year and then they can deal with Toro Park in 2 years.

Unknown said...

What is the reason for possibly not hosting at Toro anymore?

Anonymous said...

Wow look at all those name ahead of runners doing good in college! 17 a head of Bergman and Fredronic who are all-Americans! These girls will be even better no doubt!

hank said...

Hold on here... as far as I know, it is not a requirement to have a FinishLynz camera (or any camera for that matter) at the CCS finals (a nice to have but not a requirement). When it becomes such (as mandated by CIF) then I am sure it will happen (afterall, it's not like the timer doesn't have a camera since he also does the CCS Track finals). It is however, up to CCS to manage (or appoint someone to manage) the finish line. If you have an issue with how that is being done, then I suggest you take it up directly with CCS and not on this board (since this board can do nothing about it anyway). Technology has begun to spoil us and to set our expectations to instant results (which can be a problem - see the 2012 US Olympic trials as such an example). Results that are posted "instantly" are to be considered "unofficial" until the protest period has passed so it's actually better not to have instant results since they can be changed. The team that did the CCS results this year did a fantastic job (and they always have) so let's acknowledge that. As I've always said, if you want to make something better, then please feel free to jump in and offer a helping hand...


Anonymous said...

CCS Football brackets are out... Who's pumped!

ScotsAlumni said...

Carlmont did it again. Start the year ranked too high, train smart and not worry about September/October results. Run well and league and win CCS. Formula has stayed the same. Now if they can just figure out the State Meet part. Very good for a self-coached team.

Anonymous said...

I believe that CCS had a person filming the finish line. If you look at the videos of the races, there is a man wearing a Green CCS event vest at the finish line. He is holding a camcorder, and filming directly across the finish line to the clock as the runners cross the finish line.

Presumably, if there is any controversy, they can look at his video.

Anonymous said...

where could one view videos of the races?

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