Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NCS combined boys and girls races

Thanks to Dave Hosokawa:
2012 NCS combined races (boys and girls)


Steve Palladino said...

Thanks for this. It may be my browser, but the year/class of each runner appears funky. Can it be re-formatted so that the year/class reads better, or better yet, can the boys and girls results also be presented by class/year?

Nils said...

The issue is that it's an Excel file that's formatted with uniform row heights, but some cells have so much info that they wrap and become hard to read.
Solution: In the upper left corner of the screen below the word "ncs_results.xlsx", right-click on the word "file" (if you're on a Mac, do whatever you do to get drop-down menus). Select "download"; now you can save it to your computer, or open it with Excel or other spreadsheet program. This has the added advantage of allowing you to play with the numbers and do your own analysis! :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't this from the XCStats.com web site?

mike said...

Not sure, but we provide free access to our searchable CA cross country database. We have over 1,000,0000 results since 2005. Includes team results too. Hours of fun to be had!
Sign up for a guest pass to gain access to the database. Link here:

Mike Sherwood

Doug Ehrenberg said...
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Doug Ehrenberg said...

Hi Steve, Good to see you are a XC junkie and parent too! Your previous posts about the muck last weekend are spot on. Combined scores are irrelevant! My son raced in the D3 race and commented that even during his race the swamp was much worse on the subsequent laps. The conditions got much worse as the day progressed, as the grass was shredded to mud. The early races had the benefit of better footing. Goltra (12:50 race) did run faster than Lawson (11:45 race), but Lawson led his entire race unchallenged with his teammate in tow. Goltra on the other hand, had to contend with Huxham and several others that had a legitimate shot at winning the race. Therefore, race dynamics and conditions make combined scores silly. Footlocker will be a good showdown. Hope to see you at Woodward Park- my son qualified and I see your daughter made it too- congrats.

Doug Ehrenberg

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