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Thursday, September 30, 2010

CCS Rankings to date...

As voted on by coaches and posted on SJ Mercury News and on www.lynbrooksports.com:

CCS Time Comparisons by Walt VanZant of Wilcox HS


Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me why Bellarmine dropped from 8th to 9th in the state even though they beat the 7th team in the state Great Oak at Stanford.

Albert Caruana said...

You would have to ask Rich Gonzalez that question. roadrunner4rich@aol.com

Coach Soles said...

We took up our B teams to Stanford. Our girls B team was 5th overall and our boys were 29th. Our #8 boy would have been at least in the top 3-4 on almost all teams at the meet. Our #8 girl finished #27 overall for the entire meet...

Based on Woodbridge and what our B team did, our varsity boys would have probably run 78 high or 79 low on that course.

Pretty sure the rankings are accurate. :)

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks Doug.

Coach Soles is the Great Oak coach for those of you that didn't know.

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