Thursday, November 25, 2021

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Perhaps familiar to many CCE readers, XCStats is a website for high school cross country and track & field teams delivering team management tools and statistics tracking. It was started 15 years ago in the Bay Area and now it's used by over 140 schools across the US.   Interested coaches can read more about the XC solution here and the Track & Field solution here.

What might be less known, is that we've provided some free tools so individuals can access results from our database of over 10,000 meets and 4.3 million results, dating back to the 1987 CA State Meet.   

To access them, get a Guest Pass here.  Once you log in as a guest, you can access the following free tools.  If you're an XCStats coach, athlete or parent, you don't need a Guest Pass.  Your login provides access.

  • Search the California XC Database - This page allows you to search our massive database by athlete or school name, event, course, and more.  It contains individual and team records.
  • Course Time Converter - Converting times from one course to another is a dubious business, but this tool will give people something to argue about.  It compares the average times between courses to come up with a conversion factor.

Despite its size and the loving care it's been given, the database is neither perfect nor complete but hopefully it will provide some interesting information and a basis for discussions.

Mike Sherwood

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