Friday, November 12, 2021

2021 NCS Cross Country Rankings #1

Bumping these rankings to the top which I plan to update by the end of this weekend. In the meantime, please comment below on teams that should move up or I completely missed. Who crushed their league final? What will be the team race of the day at NCS? What about individual battles?

You can check them out at the following link:

Feel free to share your thoughts below and let us know if I missed any teams.


Patrick D said...

I’m pretty partial to Maria Carrillo, but on the boys side Newark Memorial deserves the nod in the standings. Given late surge by Campo, and their track record, I’d keep them #1 until proven otherwise. Carrillo and Tam will battle for 3rd.

We should also start talking individuals on the boys side: Carney is very quick. Loedwick appears healthy. Donohue continues to be consistently fast, and Kawabata was equal at Clovis, with Pullen also dependably quick. And then there’s a slew of guys showing likely <16:00 speed come state — Noe Vieyra (Carrillo), Tokubo (Newark), Devries (Monty). This will not just be another Campo-Carrillo showdown, but a deep DIII field for which top 10 will be a huge feather in the cap.

On the girls side, super frosh Hanns Thompson (Monty) showed out with #7 at Clovis Champs, Buckley also sub-18:00 on Woodward this year, and Busienei (Carrillo) has also been consistently quick. After that, it’s a team battle with speed and depth across Campo, Carrillo and Tam.

NCS meet is going to be legit!

Unknown said...

What happened to Redwood Boys & Girls in Div. 2. has San Ramon Valley boys even run a race this year?

East Bay Coach said...

Thanks for the rankings. D3 is a tough one to rank and I think Albert got it right. Campo and Maria Carrillo have great coaching and a strong track record of winning performances at NCS while Newark Memorial is new to this and largely is an unknown. There is no doubt that Campo and Carrillo will be peaking heading into championship season.
I am however very intrigued as to whether Newark Memorial can be a factor in that race after their showing at Clovis. For many years I have been following Bay Area cross country and Newark has not even been in the state meet qualifying conversation much less a threat to win an NCS title.

On paper Newark does have the ability to match up in the front with Tokubo(15:36)/Kawabata(15:56) seeming to be running about even with the Carrillo duo of Donohue(15:36)/Vieyra(15:51) and Campo's Lodewick(15:41)/Pullen(15:57). I imagine every point from numbers 3, 4 and 5 will matter when they count the scores for this one on November 20.

Albert Caruana said...

Newark is the real deal. Rich Gonzalez has them ranked 5th in the state right in Division III now so an off day by either or both Campo and Maria Carrillo and we could have a very cool story on our hands at NCS.

Joel Bernard said...


I'm a new representative to the CIF State Meet Committee. I'm looking for CBEDS info for each section, but see that the NCS website has already removed this year's numbers. Do you have the divisional breakdown for the NCS?

Albert Caruana said...

Joel, email me at and I will send you a scanned copy.

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