Saturday, November 20, 2021

2021 NCS MOC XC Meet Data (All-NCS team)

Thanks to for posting combined results at these links:

You can check out photos of the team winners from each race on the MileSplitCA IG page @milesplitca 

Feel free to comment below on the most outstanding performances, biggest upsets and best individual and team races.

Girls' 1st Team All-NCS
1Williams, OliviaSOAcalanes (NC)116:15.25:25.13:21.9
2Nordenholz, SophiaSRAlbany (NC)216:33.65:31.23:25.7
3Thomsen, Hanne9Montgomery (NC)317:18.55:46.23:35.0
4Buckley, EllieJRCampolindo (NC)417:42.25:54.03:39.9
5Barron, JanaSOGranada (NC)517:53.15:57.73:42.2
6MacLean, AudreyJRRedwood (NC)617:56.45:58.83:42.9
7Searls, RenaeSOAlhambra (NC)--17:59.25:59.73:43.4

Girls' 2nd Team All-NCS
8Binder, SallyJRMonte Vista (NC)718:01.86:00.63:44.0
9Volkmer, SheaSOCampolindo (NC)818:03.36:01.13:44.3
10Dunmire, EmmaSRTamalpais (NC)918:04.86:01.63:44.6
11Maltz, AmelieJRLick Wilmerding (NC)1018:07.76:02.63:45.2
12Noriega, Sabrina9Dougherty Valley (NC)1118:09.66:03.23:45.6
13Black, EllieSRPiedmont (NC)1218:10.76:03.53:45.8
14Wardle-Stacey, AmeliaJREl Cerrito (NC)--18:12.26:04.03:46.1

Girls' 3rd Team All-NCS
15Riley, KateSRMiramonte (NC)1318:15.76:05.23:46.8
16Melcher, ElizabethSRGranada (NC)1418:16.76:05.63:47.1
17Braganza, RheaSRDougherty Valley (NC)1518:18.16:06.03:47.3
18Ellianna, ShapiroSRAmerican (NC)1618:18.86:06.23:47.5
19Garrity, HannahSOClear Lake (NC)--18:19.26:06.43:47.6
20Sauder, Kerrigan9Granada (NC)1718:21.66:07.23:48.1
21Busienei, AshleySRMaria Carrillo (NC)1818:23.16:07.73:48.4

Girls' Honorable Mention
22Connery, HaileySRRedwood (NC)1918:25.26:08.43:48.8
23Keenan, AniaSRMiramonte (NC)2018:26.36:08.83:49.0
24Adeline, JohnsonJRBranson (NC)2118:26.86:08.93:49.1
25Guzman, AngelinaJRLivermore (NC)2218:28.66:09.53:49.5
26Reed, LindseySRCollege Park (NC)2318:29.86:09.93:49.8
27Sage, SandersonSRBranson (NC)2418:32.56:10.83:50.3
28Gardner, Emma9Tamalpais (NC)2518:34.96:11.63:50.8

Boys' 1st Team All-NCS
1Carney, CadenSRTamalpais (NC)115:01.05:00.33:06.5
2Trampe, DanielSRDublin (NC)215:13.85:04.63:09.2
3Mader, AlexSRLick Wilmerding (NC)315:14.35:04.73:09.3
4Morello, SeanJRAlbany (NC)415:16.35:05.43:09.7
5Donohue, JacobSRMaria Carrillo (NC)515:19.05:06.33:10.3
6Cutter, DaeganJRRedwood (NC)615:22.95:07.63:11.1
7Ruckmann-Barnes, RolandJRGranada (NC)715:23.65:07.93:11.2

Boys' 2nd Team All-NCS
8Tokubo, ChanceSRNewark Memorial (NC)815:24.05:08.03:11.3
9Gomez, OscarSRDe La Salle (NC)915:25.25:08.43:11.5
10Manjrekar, SharvinSRDublin (NC)1015:26.35:08.83:11.8
11Song, DavidSRAlameda (NC)1115:27.05:09.03:11.9
12Pullen, RhysSRCampolindo (NC)1215:29.05:09.73:12.3
13Stein, JackSRPiedmont (NC)1315:29.45:09.83:12.4
14Lamoureux, AlexJRCollege Park (NC)1415:30.35:10.13:12.6
Boys' 3rd Team All-NCS
15Loughery, JohnSRMonte Vista (NC)1515:30.85:10.33:12.7
16Cohen, LucasSOAlbany (NC)1615:31.55:10.53:12.9
17Morgon, MatthewSRDublin (NC)1715:33.25:11.13:13.2
18Hupke, JacobJRMoreau Catholic (NC)1815:33.85:11.33:13.3
19Lodewick, AlexanderJRCampolindo (NC)1915:34.05:11.33:13.4
20Gurusamy, DheerajJRGranada (NC)2015:34.25:11.43:13.4
21Devries, JudeJRMontgomery (NC)2115:35.05:11.73:13.6

Boys' Honorable Mention
22Kawabata, TadSRNewark Memorial (NC)2215:36.05:12.03:13.8
23Turpin, JoshuaSRDublin (NC)2315:37.45:12.53:14.1
24Hunt, TylerJRAcalanes (NC)2415:37.45:12.53:14.1
25Mcghee, ConnorJRCampolindo (NC)2515:38.05:12.73:14.2
26Turpin, ColeSRDublin (NC)2615:38.85:12.93:14.4
27Vieyra, NoeSRMaria Carrillo (NC)2715:42.05:14.03:15.0
28Miller, EthanJRMonte Vista (NC)2815:42.15:14.03:15.0

Teams qualifying both teams to State Meet
Dublin (Division I)
Dougherty Valley (Division I)
Granada (Division II)
Monte Vista (Division II)
Campolindo (Division III)
Maria Carrillo (Division III)
Northgate (Division III)
Lick-Wilmerding (Division V)
University (Division V)
Urban (Division V)


Elmo said...

Olivia Williams course record was quite impressive!

Michael said...

As a Northgate grad, it's pretty exciting to see them qualify both teams for state. Getting a team to state has been the goal there for so long and to see both teams make it is incredible

Jim Crowhurst said...

I believe the meet record is 16:15 Amber Trotter, Ukiah 2001

Unknown said...

Amber ran different course

FormerXC said...

Where are the other teams who made it to state? Not every school had both boys & girls make state!! Where is the love for them?

Albert Caruana said...

They are in the results. I have always added the teams that qualified both boys and girls.

R Gowen said...

The top three girls teams were very close in total team time:
Granada 1:32:10
Campolindo 1:32:29
Dougherty Valley 1:32:51

Exciting races all day long!

R Gowen said...

Just curious if there is a place where the top times (Team and individual) are available for this Hayward course?

Albert Caruana said...

NCS website. Go to Cross Country and then Brackets and History and scroll down. You will see the top times on the Hayward course there.

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