Friday, November 05, 2021

Coach Allan Berrin RIP

Sad to report that longtime coach Allan Berrin has passed away on Wednesday. If I hear any more information, I will add to this post. 

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pmccrystle said...

I am brokenhearted to hear about the sudden passing of Al Berrin. When I first started coaching at BCP Al was at SI, and from the very first time I met him he was as kind, energetic, collegial and accepting as any other coach I met. We developed a great friendship built on lots of jokes we made about ourselves, and that friendship was strengthened during the pandemic because Al was a constant participant in the many wonderful Zoom meetings that I was able to be a part of--many organized and hosted by Albert, and I need to thank you Albert for during that; thank you--and I already miss his laugh and smile. A great loss and I hope his family will know how beloved he was.

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