Friday, November 19, 2021

North Coast Section MOC Preview


East Bay Coach said...

Going to be a great day of racing! A few thoughts -

D1 - Dublin boys and DV girls for the win. Reverse it for 2nd.

D2 - Granada will be the run away winner for both titles by a big margin. College Park boys will make state over Redwood.

D3 - Campo should win both but the boys in this division will be the race of the day with Campo Newark and MC. A Newark upset seems entirely possible and would be the story of the year if it happens.

D4 - Boys will be close - I am thinking Albany for a narrow victory over Archie on the boys side. On the girls side it will be Miramonte, but very excited to see the individual girls race play out here.

D5 - Lick Wilmerding for the win in both genders.

Unknown said...

4 way race for 2 spots in D2 boys.Granada is by themselfs. Monte Vista is safe. De la salle gets slight edge over College Park, Redwood, & Amador Valley. Last 3 teams are very close with any of them jumping De la salle. If all run to form it will be very exciting.

Albert Caruana said...

I am pretty certain of the following winners:
Division I-Dublin boys and Dougherty Valley girls
Division II-Granada boys and girls
Division III-Campolindo boys and girls
Division V-Lick-Wilmerding boys and girls.

Divison IV-Archie Williams boys are favorites but Albany could give them a challenge. The girls could be a toss-up but I picked Miramonte as the favorite.

Should be a great day of racing. Lots of great races from the first to the last race. Best of luck to everybody.

R Gowen said...

Write up is very solid - agree with most every prediction, but I think you overlooked Cal boys in D1 - I pick them to finish 3rd behind Dublin and Dougherty Valley

Albert Caruana said...

Division I is tough past the top two teams. We will see tomorrow how it turns out.

Anonymous said...

It's Angelina Guzman, not Gomez, in DIII girls.

kevin said...


Andrew said...

Gahhhh Berkeley girls so close!

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