Wednesday, November 03, 2021

SJS Rankings and Projected Section Meet Qualifiers

Thanks to Gary LaRowe

Boys Top 10:
1) Vacaville (D2)
2) Jesuit (D1)
3) Davis (D1)
4) Placer (D4)
5) Folsom (D1)
6) Whitney (D2)
7) Vista del Lago (D2)
8) Rocklin (D1)
9) Oakdale (D3)
10) El Dorado (D4)

Girls Top 10:
1) Oak Ridge (D1)
2) Granite Bay (D2)
3) St Francis (D2)
4) Del Oro (D3)
5) Rio Americano (D2)
6) Bella Vista (D2)
7) McClatchy (D1)
8) Placer (D4)
9) Davis (D1)
10) Whitney (D2)

Projected Section Meet qualifiers:
D1 both - Cosumnes Oaks, Davis, Folsom, Gregori, Lincoln(S), McClatchy, Oak Ridge, Woodcreek
D1 boys only - Jesuit, Rocklin
D1 girls only - Franklin(EG), Sheldon
D2 both - Bella Vista, Rio Americano, Rodriguez, Vista del Lago, Vacaville, Whitney
D2 boys only - Buhach Colony, Laguna Creek, Lincoln(L), Pitman
D2 girls only - Granite Bay, Lodi, Ponderosa, St Francis
D3 both - Atwater, Del Oro, Nevada Union, Oakdale, Will C Wood
D3 boys only - Bayer, East Union, Elk Grove, Mountain House, West Park
D3 girls only - Del Campo, Merced, Mira Loma, Pioneer, Yuba City
D4 both - Christian Brothers, Colfax, El Dorado, Hughson, Placer, Ripon, Union Mine
D4 boys only - Liberty Ranch, Sonora, St Marys
D4 girls only - Amador, Bret Harte, Calaveras
D5 both - Capital Christian, Central Catholic, Leroy Greene, Millenium, Vacaville Christian, Waterford
D5 boys only - Big Valley Christian, Golden Sierra, Sacramento Country Day, Woodland Christian
D5 girls only - Argonaut, Buckingham, Rio Vista
**Very questionable if D5 girls race will even have 8 full teams to be able to qualify 2 teams to the state meet (I'm guessing this is tied to sports participation in general during the COVID-19 pandemic).


Unknown said...

Some divisional errors here: Cosumnes Oaks and Woodcreek are D2, not D1; Yuba City and Atwater are D2, not D3; Lincoln(L) is D3, not D2; West Park is D4, not D3.

Mike said...

Well done on the SJS rankings!

I agree with it all other than putting Placer boys so high. Whitney split their squad between Varsity and F/S, and still beat Placer by 10 points in the Varsity race at Flat Sac. Whitney got beaten pretty bad by Folsom at their league champs at Jessup. When you merge Folsom, Davis and Jesuit scores together after all racing at Jessup last weekend, Jesuit had 36 pts, Folsom and Davis were tied at 46 pts, so that will be a great D1 boys final between those 3 teams. Vista Del Lago also peaks at the end of the season, and had 5 boys faster than 18 minutes at their league champs on a tough Willow Hills course.

So I would drop Placer down to 7th, b/c they have beaten Rocklin #8 a couple of times this year.

Mike said...

Vacaville are seriously strong this year, and will podium if they can pack up at state meet. Kellen Steplight will hopefully join them, but that team is so deep, it might be too early for him to move up to the #5 spot. Give him 5 months training and he will be at Arcadia.

Daniel James said...

It's going to be interesting to see how sections plays out. Jesuit had all of their top 5 (for the first time I believe) at the Delta League Championships and becomes the slight favorite in D1 Boys. Davis and Folsom ran almost identical team times (1-5) at their respective league championships, (both run on the Jessup course), 1 day apart. The fight for the 2nd D1 Boys state meet birth will be a dog fight. Vacaville is the clear favorite in D2 Boys, with the only question being, will Kellen Steplight find the form to grab a top 7 spot after recovering from a long term injury.

On the girls side, St. Francis was 8 seconds faster on average (1-5) than Granite Bay, so that will be another race that will likely come down to the wire. Oak Ridge has the fastest girl's team in the section and has a solid chance at a podium finish at state.

Gary LaRowe said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, they’re great! I incorrectly used to determine divisions because I couldn’t find them on cifsjs(found them now-in past years they were so easy to find!). I’ll adjust the rankings before the section meet. See you at the meet, looking forward to all the great races, individual and team!

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