Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Amador Valley junior John Lester's 1:49.36 800m time trial

That is unofficially the nation's fastest 800m time this season.


Anonymous said...

was that 1:49.27 or 1:49.36? like it matters. with the 4:08.9 mile, 49.3 400 & other time trials he has done, I would say he had a pretty good non track season. what a stud.

Anonymous said...

Who has been hiding his training? Somebody doing an excellent job!

Coach Ozzie said...

The clock popped up with 1:49.27, but the timer corrected to 1:49.36. So 1:49.36 is the correct time. I don't understand the question about John hiding his training. But agree that John has been doing an excellent job. He has been basically doing everything by himself since March and has managed to not cut any corners regarding training and recovery. His ability to do everything he has done without much oversight is as impressive to me than the times that he has run. Actually, probably more.

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