Tuesday, June 09, 2020

1974: Girls Get Their Turn at the State Meet

This week on milesplitca.com, there is a series of articles detailing the 1974 California state track and field which included girls for the first time. They competed in 8 events and all events featured 9 competitors that participated along with the boys during the Saturday final. 

You can find the first article which was posted this morning at the following link and there will be an additional article the rest of this week through Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the boys results Dedy Cooper I believe was from Harry Els not Kennedy of Richmond,

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks for pointing that out. We will check to see if see what is the correct school.

Anonymous said...

from the cifncs.org website


Misspelling. Should be Ells. He and Robert Gaines both from Richmond were rivals!

Albert Caruana said...

Where was the school listed incorrectly? Please post link. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


First Girls Champions: Individuals
(Meet Results)

Under the boys 120 HH results
Boys 120 Yard Hurdles Finals
Place Athlete Team Result Wind H#
1 Fred Shaw 12 Muir High (SS) 1
Dedy Cooper 11 Kennedy (John F.) - Richmond (NC)
3 Mike Kirtman 12 Burton (Phillip & Sala) Academic High (SF)
Robert Gaines Kennedy (John F.) - Richmond (NC) 14.34 1
Mike Harris Indio High (SS) 14.34

Note. Doesn't really matter after almost 45 years. Think the 4x110 relay might have been won by Harry Ells too but not sure though.

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