Monday, March 26, 2018

Tents at track meets

This is a public service announcement.

When you go to track meets, tents are placed at the highest part of the bleachers against the back which is usually a fence. This way, nobody behind you gets their view blocked. If you get to a meet early, there are plenty of spots to place your tent. If you arrive there alone, other coaches, athletes, and parents can help you get your tent up. You should also be aware that if the press box is being used for the meet for announcing, they typically don't want tents in front of them.

If you get to a meet late, it's possible that all the spots at the upper part of the bleacher on the homestretch side are already taken. You now have a couple of options. There might be a spot for your tent on the backstretch. If not, you can then put your tent on the ground next to the bleachers and sometimes there are grassy areas that are available.

If you arrive late, you CANNOT put your tent in front of another tent (even if a parent from that team said it's OK). You are now blocking the view of someone who got to the meet earlier than you. Notice the tents in the photo above that are placed incorrectly and blocking the view of teams that are above them. 

I, personally, get up early in the morning and bring any kids that need a ride to the meets in plenty of time in the morning to place our tent on the homestretch side of the bleachers at the top. If you show up late and place your tent in front of my tent, you might not get a nice reaction from me. Sorry in advance. Guess it's just one of my pet peeves.

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