Friday, March 16, 2018

In Dedication ­ Bob Shor & Santa Rosa

If you have a moment today, please read the letter to the left. You can also find a copy of that letter at this LINK. For those of you that did not know Bob, he was a kind human being that had a loud booming voice and an even louder gun. He always made the time to come say hi at any meet that I attended. Just like Chris, I have my own story about how he traveled from Santa Rosa to the College of San Mateo and also just wanted to charge me for the cost of the shells for starting our meet. 

He is missed by a lot of people. 

The following was posted on my site after he passed away last year.


Anonymous said...

Inspiring to say the least. Long Live Bob Shor!

MV Moose said...

If someone were to write this about me after my death, I would know I lived a good life. We should all try to be like Bob Shor.

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