Tuesday, March 06, 2018

K-Bell Invitational Update

1) This year, thanks to a generous loan of an official scale from Jim Marheineke and the Serra track program, we will weigh all implements prior to competition.  Athletes and coaches, please look for the weigh-in station upon arrival at LGHS on Saturday morning.

2) This year, thanks to a generous loan from Steve Nelson and the SJCC track program, we will have enough wind gauges to take a reading for every heat of the 100/200/HH and all LJ and TJ attempts!  Both the implement weigh-ins and the wind readings will allow all marks at K-Bell to be eligible for use as entry marks for Arcadia as well as State leader lists.

3) A reminder that while K-Bell is a long and large meet, 100% of proceeds go to charity. The Kiwanis use half the proceeds to fund their second chance education fund/mentoring program for young adults in Santa Clara county trying to restart their education, and Bellarmine’s half of the proceeds go directly to tuition assistance; BCP gives out 4.4 million annually in tuition assistance in the hopes that all students who want to can attend the school. So, we appreciate your patience as we try to get as many young student-athletes as possible on the track, runway, and ring during the day!!

Peace, good luck and good health,
Patrick McCrystle
Head Coach Track and Field/Cross Country

Bellarmine College Prep


Anonymous said...

Great cause and great early meet, especially if it is running anywhere near close to schedule. My advice, bring a long book for the 200M heats, and then sit back and enjoy some of the best distance running in the area!

Anonymous said...

With all the complaints on here about private schools you would think public schools would not attend a meet that contributes to Bellarmine’s scholarship fund.

Anonymous said...

The scholarships allow kids who would not otherwise be able to afford a prep education to do so. It helps the needy, especially those in bad school districts. It has nothing to do with athletics.

Albert Caruana said...

You mean public school teams won't attend good meets because they are hosted by a private school and are using the proceeds from the meet to a great cause?

As Jim Carrey would say...ALRIGHTY THEN!!!

Anonymous said...

I’m saying that coaches on here accuse private schools of stealing their kids then attend a meet whose profits contributes to that by making it free. It would be interesting to see how many of the top athletes are in “financial need” wouldn’t it?

Albert Caruana said...

Let me put it this way, if people are going to Apple because they have a better product, is Apple stealing customers from other computer companies?

Parents want to send their children where they can succeed. That could be at a private or public school.

Also, just because a student lives in the area of a public school doesn't mean that public school owns that student. Have a program that attracts your local athletes instead of complaining that someone else is doing a better job of attracting that same student.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy the public vs. private debate. It usually happens closer to the end of the season rather than at the beginning but here we are. The thing I think many people who are on the "those kids belong to this public school" side don't understand is that many people who send their kids to private school make a choice to spend money on school instead of on their house. The kid who lives in a poorer area, with a less respected public school, but goes to a private school, would probably sooner move to a better public school district before going to the less respected school. Example: a kid living in south San Jose but goes to Bellarmine would more likely move to a smaller house or apartment in Palo Alto, Los Altos or Mt. View to attend Gunn, Paly or MVLA then to go to their current local public school. And because these families and kids are mobile, and make decisions based on what they want out of a school, they truly don't belong to any district or team. Bellarmine and the other private schools that fund many kids from poorer areas should be praised for giving them a chance to get a great education without having to move to, or be lucky enough to live in a well funded public school district (yes, there are disparities in funding and the type of education you can get in CA public schools). This is a worthy cause and we all should support it!

Anonymous said...

This issue is not new, nor is it going to go away. The fact is public schools are paid per student average daily attendance. So by choosing a private school you are essentially robbing the public school of funding. Rather than free tuition how about the first $8500 Bellarmine pay back their home school district?

Bellarmine also be costs public schools 13.6 million dollars in funding. Don’t you think that effects the quality of the public school system?

The reason it is not going away is there will always be haves and have nots. But the “haves” posting on here think it’s no big deal. But it is. There is disparity amungst socio-economic classes. And it amazes me how that football and basketball star who can’t afford it always find themselves enrolled at a private school.

Albert Caruana said...

If you look at CCS, there are plenty of public schools that do very well every year. If you look at NCS, I would say the majority of the really good programs are public schools.

I understand that the WCAL is an outlier as a league so that is where the majority of the private vs public conversation begins.

In the end, you have to do a good job at the place you are and be the best you can be as opposed to focusing on other programs that you feel have an unfair advantage.

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