Monday, November 27, 2017

Northern California Podium Finishers at 2017 California State XC meet

Division V Girls
2) University (NCS)
3) Lick-Wilmerding (NCS)

Division V Boys
1) University (NCS)
3) Lick-Wilmerding (NCS)

Division II Girls
3) Granada (NCS)

Division II Boys
1) St. Francis, Mt. View (CCS)-NXN At-Large Qualifier
2) Dublin (NCS)

Division III Girls
1) Campolindo (NCS)
2) Vista del Lago (SJS)

Division IV Boys
2) Sir Francis Drake (NCS)

8 out of 10 podium teams from Northern California from NCS. 

Division V Girls
1) Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy (NCS)
2) Emily Perez St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS)
4) Grace Dailey Branson (NCS)
7) Callie Jones Branson (NCS)
9) Claire Jackson University (NCS)
10) Kate Bowen Sonoma Academy (NCS)

Division I Girls
3) Elena Denner Oak Ridge (SJS)-NXN Qualifier
10) Caroline Garrett Oakland Tech (OAK)

Division V Boys
2) Nicholas Medearis Crystal Springs Uplands School (CCS)
4) Andre Williams Sonoma Academy (NCS)
7) Sean Laidlaw Lick-Wilmerding (NCS)
9) Micah Filer Capital Christian (SJS)

Division I Boys
4) Matt Strangio Jesuit (SJS)-NXN Qualifier
5) Meika Beaudoin-Rosseau Bellarmine (CCS)

Division II Girls
5) Alize Hartke Oakmont (SJS)
8) Colleen McCandless Granada (NCS)

Division III Boys
1) Liam Anderson Redwood (NCS)-NXN Qualifier
10) Greg Aufderheide Livermore (NCS)

Division IV Girls
2) Mari Friedman Santa Cruz (CCS)
4) Kaela Dishion Bret Harte (SJS)
10) Hana Hall University Prep (NS)

Division II Boys
3) Shyam Kumar St. Francis (CCS)
6) Adrian Schroeder Dublin (NCS)
10) Damian King Bella Vista (SJS)

Division III Girls
1) Gillian Wagner Redwood (NCS)
6) Marea Zlatunich Aptos (CCS)
9) Quinn Hagerman Merced (SJS)
10) Sydnie Rivas Maria Carillo (NCS)

Division IV Boys
2) Collin Ullrich Liberty Ranch (SJS)
3) Robert Miranda Menlo (CCS)
10) Karl Winter St. Mary's, Stockton (SJS)

Comments welcome below. Surprises? Most impressive? 


Anonymous said...

Awesome depth in D2 boys and D3 girls for NorCal. Sad that Fahy had to drop out of D3 girls race, but it did allow Vista Del Lago to move up to 2nd place...

Anonymous said...

According to MSUSA, SF made NXN as the second wildcard team! CCS will be represented in Portland! Go get them, boys!

Unknown said...

Great to see Vista Del Lago on the podium-an impressive program with fantastic coaches! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Does third place get a trophy? I thought it was only top 2?

Albert Caruana said...

Top 3 teams get on the podium and all receive team trophies.

Anonymous said...

Did Maddy Denner run today?

Anonymous said...

Girls Merge, Nor Cal leaders
4)OAKLAND TECH, who saw that coming?

Albert Caruana said...

Maddy Denner did not run today or at least I don't think she did. Someone reported she was injured before SJS meet.

Albert Caruana said...

Oakland Tech girls are good especially their lead runner.

Anonymous said...

SF was the 2nd at large? Did Buchanan get in? And why does XC get three trophies with 5 divisions but Track gets 2 with no divisions?

Albert Caruana said...

Great Oak and Buchanan were auto qualifiers for girls. Great Oak and Roosevelt were auto qualifiers for the boys. St. Francis and Claremont were the two at-large teams to make it out of CA for boys and girls respectively.

As for the trophy question, you can email the CIF office.

Anonymous said...

Track is even less of a team sport than cross country. Think about it. Tara Davis almost won state for her team last year literally by herself.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know the last CCS team to make NXN?

Albert Caruana said...

I don't think CCS has ever had a team make NXN. Definitely not on the boys' side. Mt. View may have been the closest but they didn't make it that year. Have any girls' teams qualified before?

Anonymous said...

@12:05 but all other sports in CIF only get a first place & runner up trophy. Just trying to figure out why XC gets 3? And I know I’m in the minority here but XC is an individual sport and about who is the fastest runner. The team concept that someone running in 80th place because they are a team is onserd and not what the sport is about.

Albert Caruana said...

You are in the minority. XC is very much a team sport.

Anonymous said...

Before this season, no CCS team had ever qualified for NXN. Individuals have been:

2008 - Garrett Rowe (Mountain View), Justine Fedronic (Carlmont)
2009 - Garrett Rowe (Mountain View)
2010 - Jessie Petersen (Carlmont)
2011 - Aubry Myjer (Mountain View)
2013 - Sarah Robinson (Gunn)
2015 - Cate Ratliff (Santa Cruz), Gillian Meeks (Gunn), Justin Robinson (Lynbrook)

Hank said...

Robison (no 'n' in the middle.


Dan said...

Maddy Denner did not run, as a precaution after hobbling through SJS sections to help her team and to qualify in case she did heal quickly. Though St. Francis obviously has had an outstanding season, qualifying for NXN was unexpected, but very much deserved in my opinion, very happy for the runners and the program. Also really happy for Elena Denner, who has been in her sister's shadows a little bit, but who took her shot at a state title and ended up a strong 3rd in a stacked D1 race. As an unabashed fan of the NorCal runners, really impressed with the Vista Del Lago team and am excited for next year when it looks like Liam Anderson and Matt Strangio will be the top two returners in the state.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Alex Stout of Pacific Collegiate School (Santa Cruz County). She had an impressive year in track and field and cross country. Know she signed with Stanford. Don't see her as running at CCS or State.

Anonymous said...

Why are the 5k times at NXN so slow?

Rob Collins said...

Glendoveer Golf course is not your typical Golf Course (Smaller than most)! It a moderate fast course but very wet and sometimes can be pretty muddy in spots. Lots of corners and pending on what direction, long gradual incline going north-south direction! I grew up in the SE Portland/Gresham area and trained quite a bit there back in Middle and High School on the Two Mile Bark loop that runs around majority of the Golf Course! Parking does suck there, Normal parking lot up front off of NE Glisan St and a Small parking lot off of NE Halsey St, otherwise park on side roads!

Anonymous said...

If the NXN course is soft, how will the CA teams who run on hard pack do? What can they do to compensate?

Albert Caruana said...

It's a definite disadvantage for CA teams to run in such conditions. However, everybody has to deal with the same course, weather conditions etc and runners will just have to suck it up and represent our state well!

Anonymous said...

Where can we find predictions for NXN? How does SF stack up to the competition? Any chance they make the podium?

Albert Caruana said...

Check out Tons of NXN material there.

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