Wednesday, November 08, 2017

MVHS teacher arrested for sending lewd texts to student

Very sad news to read about this. Evan did a great job coaching Mt. View HS that included multiple CCS championships for both of his Cross Country teams. His 2009 boys' team won the CIF Division 2 state championship (and just missed making NXN) and at the time were the best CCS team to date. Many of the team time records that have been broken by the St. Francis boys this season surpassed that Mt. View team.


Anonymous said...

Bad deal - been going on since the summer???

Anonymous said...

"The text message exchange began over the summer," doesn't mean anything inappropriate had been going on since the summer, it just means that's when messages started being exchanged.

And, as the article (but not the title, sadly) states, the man was arrested for "suspicion of sending harmful matter to a minor." Let's not burn him at the stake before the truth of the matter comes to light. Innocent until proven guilty, folks.

Anonymous said...

As a woman with a daughter who runs cross country, I can't tell you how disappointed I am with this thread.

"Evan did a great job coaching Mt. View HS that included multiple CCS championships for both of his Cross Country teams."

Relevance to the fact that he is a pig? None. Zero. Zip. He is a man that took advantage of his position. Period.

He was arrested. They found inappropriate texts. They would not arrest based on hearsay.

Appropriate texts between a coach and his/her athlete -- "Where is practice?" "When do we need to be at the meet?" Ï have to run on on my own today. What should I do?"

There is no grey area! You are an adult, you clearly know what crosses the line.

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you for your comments.

I posted the article because athletes and parents should be aware of such situations and they should be reported right away.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. No issue with you posting the article. But we have to stop highlighting past achievements - does it somehow make his crime less egregious or him any more innocent because he won championships or set records?

Anonymous said...

I don't think his accomplishments make the crime any less egregious, but they give context to why such an article is relevant on this site. It's been a while since Evan has coached and to post an article about a math teacher who is involved with something inappropriate is not really in the general scope of this blog. There are people on here who remember what Evan did when he was coaching cross country, but a lot of people who view this blog don't know that he even coached. Stating his accomplishments makes the inclusion of this article relevant here.

The other side of it is for us coaches, Evan is a guy that we know/knew. He always came off as a good guy and it's a hard thing to comprehend that he was involved in this situation. It's not that we don't believe it, but we would really love to find out that it was a mistake or that this was not true. We know how we're supposed to feel when something like this happens, but it's hard to have that feeling when you know the guy and that is not the character that he ever demonstrated.

I don't think that the inclusion of Evan's resume was meant to excuse the crime, but I do think it's hard for us to look at the guy we know and the guy who committed these crimes as the same guy.

Albert Caruana said...

I very much appreciate your comment. You pretty much put into words what I wanted to say.

Thank you.

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