Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sportsmanship at the Olympics


GHPADD said...

One of the most sportsman like situations I have ever seen...by both young women. This makes me proud of the American runner and the New Zealand runner and also serves as an outstanding lesson to other young runners.

It actually helps me to get "the taste out of my mouth" from the Mary Decker-Slaney fiasco in the 5000!!!!

Albert Caruana said...

George, a new rule which will become official during the 2017 Track and Field season is that runners will now not be disqualified if they assist another runner during a race.

As for Mary Decker, I am assuming you are referring to the 1984 3000 trip with Zola Budd?

Anonymous said...

I don't see this as good sportsmanship, its just doing the right thing. You are both out of the race so its nice to see.

Really though I can't but help to see skeptic. The finish line is already a war zone with kids collapsing. Now I am sure we will start to see "sportsmanship" cases. So if an athlete falls down in front of the finish line unable to go on you can "help them up" to finish? Remember the university girl? If a runner helped her up right away it would could have decided a state championship (I think they won anyway but this can have ramifications).

Also what about safety? If you are injured you should not get up. The first rule of First Aid and CPR is to leave them as is. What is there is a broken bone?

If a person goes down and can't get up they should be attended to by medical personel immediately and not allowed to finish.

GHPADD said...

I will never fault ANY runner for "doing the right thing" if that involves helping an injured fellow runner. In this materialistic world it is obvious that the majority of people/readers would not help another injured runner because they "might" be disqualified because a VERY POOR DECISION, by morality lacking rule-makers, to enact a rule stating that any runner that assists a fellow injured runner is disqualified. This goes to show that stupidity is still at the highest levels in sports. Another human should ALWAYS come before personal gain. (Don't give me the "what if" scenario's..."what if" scenarios are only for those who have morality problems.) Obvious assistance of someone that does not require it is one thing...assisting an injured person and getting penalized for it degrades all of us!

Rules do not make something right or wrong...they are just that; rules...nothing more...nothing less. Not helping another human in distress/injured/pain is morally wrong...unless of course the rule is more important than the human. (Of course I do fully understand that many lack such moral judgment as noted in the press daily.)

Teaching appropriate morals to the youth of today appears to have gone the way of political correctness. So sad...so sad!!!

Anonymous said...

This was just the right thing to do. I think I would have helped her too in the same situation.

Two years ago a girl collapsed in the final stretch of the CCS 4x400. She went from 1st to last. It was one of the strangest things I'd ever seen. An official finally came out to help her up.

I assume she DQd, but it didn't matter.
If she were lying at the finish line for a podium or scoring finish, It would have been a different matter. I don't think race assistance would be the right call. I guess that's why we have the protest option.

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