Thursday, August 18, 2016

Update on the Earlybird Invitational

Greetings Earlybird coaches!
As many of you know, the Soberanes Fire is roaring just south of us. Their containment date is the end of this month but that could obviously change. At this time, Toro Park is being used as a base camp for the firefighters and is closed to any other use.
So, for now, after looking at all our options and restrictions including other dates and locations, we have decided to stick to the plan.
Earlybird is still set for September 10th at Toro Park.
IF the fire is not contained and the park is not reopened by then the meet will be cancelled.
We will obviously let you know as soon as we know but we are crossing our fingers at this point that all will be well and the meet will be on.
I know we have teams traveling from far away and I wanted to make sure we gave everyone the heads up of the possibility of the meet being cancelled.
For now, stick to the plan and make sure your athletes are registered on by the deadline on 9/6/16 by 8 PM. Also, continue to send in payments and we can cancel checks or mail them back if the meet is cancelled.
If you need any information please visit the meet webpage
The meet competition is the best we have ever seen and I know your teams and kids will enjoy the meet! The meet preview story will be out the week of the meet.
If you have any questions please email me
Gustavo Ibarra, 
North Monterey County
Earlybird Meet Director


Anonymous said...

The fire is 60% contained and so far south of toro now, it seems likely that they will be moving out of the park soon, even if the fire is not out. Is there any talk about moving the base away from toro?

Coach Ibarra said...

There has been some discussion about that possibility. It's a day by day thing as CalFire makes decisions based not only on this fire but the others in the state... pray for rain ;)

Anonymous said...

Not looking good right now. Cal fire just moved the date for 100% containment to end of September. Unless they bug out of toro early, they might still be there past the meet date.

Anonymous said...

Guess it's time to see if we can get into the Lowell Invitational. That meet could get a nice bump! Any chance of rescheduling for a later date?

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