Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Note from Lowell Invitational meet director Andy Leong

The following was sent to teams that have switched from The Earlybird Invitational to the Lowell Invitational.

I need a couple of days to figure out how many schools I can accept to the meet.  Prior to Earlybird being cancelled, we were already approaching the all time high in number of schools.   

If you haven't already, please give me an estimate as to how many runners you will have per division.  I may have to ask the larger teams to limited what you can run.

If you have somehow been able to get on to the registration page on directathletics, please do not enter any names till I give the OK.

Andy Leong
Meet Director
Lowell Invite


Anonymous said...

Any change on this? Do all of the teams know who is in and who is out?

Anonymous said...

When will we learn about the entries for this meet? Is everyone in that signed up through the site?

Albert Caruana said...

I am sure Andy has been in contact with the coaches of teams that may have been effected by the cancellation of the Earlybird Invitational.

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