Saturday, March 19, 2016

Dublin Distance Fiesta Sombrero 3200 for boys (New national leader for Cooper Teare)


Anonymous said...

are you going to post the girls 3200 video?

Albert Caruana said...

We can make a plea to see if someone videotaped the race. I am pretty positive someone did and are in the process of uploading it online.

Anonymous said...

A whole lot of NorCal talent on display yesterday in Dublin. After seeing almost every heat of every race, I have to ask, is there a limit to the size of heats? Given the amount of races, there were relatively few falls, trips or obstructions. I did see a couple of heats where leaders got passed on the inside on their push to the finish, most of these were chalked up to inexperience, but one runner pretty much shoved the leader out of the way en route to the win. Were any runners DQ'd yesterday? I also only recall one or two restarts after runners fell/trip within the first turn. Track can be a contact sport and navigating that is a learning experience, but there were definitely a few instances that I believe called for disqualifications.

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