Sunday, June 28, 2015

USATF Outdoor Track & Field Championships

If you missed any or all of the events from this past week, you can find them archived at Although most of the distance races were tactical affairs, many ended up with fantastic finishes and lots of drama as to who made the world championship team.

What was the best distance race? Sprint race? Best performance in any event? Biggest surprise? Biggest upset? Most dominating effort?


Bill said...

My favorite moment was cool Nick Symmonds crossing the finish line of the 800 final, and flashing his sponsor (Brooks), before the blatant Nike advertising show put on at USATF.

His disagreements over Nike's foreign sweatshops are no secret, but I still think he harbors resentment to Nike & IOC for causing him to cover up his tattoos at the Olympics.

Also, watching Emma Coburn run is always a pleasure :)

Anonymous said...

The fact that no NOP member answered they would testify under oath is very disappointing. There's a shadow over every athlete in that program now, innocent or not. Very sad.

Sit and kick races. Great finished but the jog-fest and kick the last 400 is awful.

Steeple wipeouts.

Bill said...

+1 on the steeple wipeouts. Can't remember seeing so many in one meet...

Anonymous said...

@ 8:17 - Agreed. Hate sit-n-kick races. I'd rather see someone race gutsy, lay it out there and come in 2nd, than sit all safe and secure in 3rd through 5th, and sprint in the end. If they want to be sprinters...then go sprint!

Anonymous said...

Duane visiting the "Twilight Zone" in the 800 was priceless!

Anonymous said...

people complaining about sit and kick have obviously never been in a position to win a race among peers. If you're head and shoulders better than your competition, obviously you can take it out. It's actually preferable. Leave nothing to chance. That also extremely boring to watch. Who cares if someone, obviously better than his competition, wins?

If you're racing people all around your level, you have to adopt these tactics. If you go out hard, everyone else will just sit on you. The guy in second place is spending 8% less energy than you, plus the mental benefit of being able to shut down his mind and just follow the pace. He will destroy you.

Some of us race to win. These races are actually incredibly interesting. Small decisions in positioning and movement can affect the entire race. Look at Ben True in the 5k. He let himself fall back a little bit too much. He made up a lot of ground but it wasn't enough. Ryan Hill won because he was able to get into second place a few laps earlier.

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