Sunday, June 07, 2015

CIF State Finals Videos


Anonymous said...

will there be other state finals videos shown? The ones shown on dyestatcal requires a subscription.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Prepcaltrack's article "Eichelberger's view", with the exception of mentioning Kennedy Jones, which BTW seems to be a last minute inclusion which was one of the most exciting events, it's nothing more than glorifying the accomplishments of the SOCAL runners. Didn't CE, CC, or NCS wins some events? Yes they did good but so did some of the other sections. BTW MS Graham should had been DQ'ed in the HH but guessing the judges belong to the same union as fifa!

Albert Caruana said...

I added a couple of youtube links that have other races from this past weekend's meet.

Regarding prepcaltrack (Rich Gonzalez and Jason Eichelberger), both reside in the south and are more familiar with the Southern Section athletes. No doubt that a large portion of the best track athletes in the state reside in the SS (they won 21 out of 32 events) but that shouldn't discount what athletes from the north accomplished.

That was one of the primary reasons I started this blog to acknowledge the athletes from this area.

Anonymous said...

SoCal is track 24/7 and Rich Gonzalez does a good job and credits NorCal teams & individuals where he sees talent. He also does a nice job posting his photographs of big events like the Stanford Invite XC & Mt. Sac - SoCal & NorCal kids alike. BUT, he is focused on his own (lives in Arcadia after all). That is absolutely why the CrossCountryExpress blog is great.

Gotta say it - solid performance in Boys 3200 by NCS's Cooper Teare. 9:15 as a sophomore. Yes!!

Nils said...

Thank you Anonymous 10:09, yes Cooper did very nicely. Only one sophomore ran faster, Michael Vernau from the very strong Davis Blue Devils 9:11.44.

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